Archbishop Viganò Calls for ‘Antiglobalist Manifesto’

Archbishop Viganò released a new video today calling for an Antiglobalist Alliance to create an Antiglobalist Manifesto.

He warns that if political and religious leaders fail to organize against globalism, the ‘inferno’ regime will be unstoppable.

The Italian Archbishop calls on goodwill leaders to form an international antiglobalist alliance to denounce the crimes of the elite.

He says the antiglobalist alliance must exist to escape the yolk of tyranny and assert one’s sovereignty. Additionally, he calls all those who oppose dictatorship to organize and come together in this alliance.

He sees the antiglobalist alliance launching an antiglobalist manifesto with concrete steps to organize, plan, and move forward with a harmonious free society.

Archbishop Viganò says the antiglobalist manifesto should outline political programs inspired by the common good. This includes principles of Christianity, the protection of life, traditional values, honoring natural families, and respect for creation.

Archbishop Viganò says the antiglobalist alliance is for anyone opposing dictatorship and unwilling to be slaves to a totalitarian regime.

Speaking of current global events, Viganò says a global coup d’état is underway.

Viganò says this global coup d’état robs citizens worldwide of their defense by imposing illegitimate rules.

He points out how dictators are imposing a criminal attack on citizens of the whole world.

Ominously, Viganò says we are in a world war, where all of us are the enemies of the elites.

He says this war is not fought with weapons but with “wicked” policy depriving human rights and imposing illegitimate rules.

Who is to blame for the current global coup d’état?

According to Archbishop Viganò, the “financers” interfering with governments are at fault by jeopardizing the health of billions of people, all for money through a planned pandemic.

Viganò calls attention to the U.N. Agenda 2030, which plans for the New World Order to enslave everyone.

It may sound like something out of a dystopian novel, but you can find Agenda 2030 right on the U.N.’s website.

The New American has more on Agenda 2030:

The United Nations and its mostly autocratic member regimes have big plans for your life, your children, your country, and your world. And those plans are not limited to the coercive “climate” agreement recently concluded in Paris.

While the establishment media in the United States was hyping ISIS, football, and of course “global warming,” virtually every national government/dictatorship on the planet met at the 70th annual General Assembly at UN headquarters in New York to adopt a draconian 15-year master plan for the planet. Top globalists such as former NATO chief Javier Solana, a socialist, are celebrating the plan, which the summit unanimously “approved,” as the next “Great Leap Forward” — yes, the old campaign slogan of the Chinese Communist Party.

The master plan is comprised of 17 “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals” (SDGs) with 169 specific “targets” to be foisted on all of humanity — literally all of it, as the plan itself states explicitly. “As we embark on this collective journey, we pledge that no one will be left behind,” reads the UN manifesto, entitled Transforming Our World: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. But if you love liberty, self-government, free markets, or the U.S. Constitution, you will almost certainly be wishing that the UN would leave you behind.

Officially dubbed “Agenda 2030,” the UN plot, as its full title suggests, is aimed at “transforming” the world. The program is a follow-up to the last 15-year UN plan, the defunct “Millennium Development Goals,” or MDGs. It also dovetails nicely with the deeply controversial UN Agenda 21, even including much of the same rhetoric and agenda. But the combined Agenda 2030 goals for achieving what is euphemistically called “sustainable development” represent previous UN plans on steroids — deeper, more radical, more draconian, and more expensive.

“This Agenda is a plan of action for people, planet and prosperity,” reads the preamble. “All countries and all stakeholders, acting in collaborative partnership, will implement this plan.” Ironically, the preamble even claims the UN goals will “free the human race from the tyranny of poverty” and “heal” the planet — or, as the planet is also referred to in the document, “Mother Earth.” Not-so-subtly purporting to usurp the role of God, the UN even claimed that the “future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands.”

Speaking on September 25 at the opening ceremony of the confab that adopted Agenda 2030, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon hinted at just how far-reaching the plot really is. “The new agenda is a promise by leaders to all people everywhere,” he explained, presumably conflating “leaders” with mass-murdering gangsters such as Kim Jong-un, Raul Castro, Robert Mugabe, and other despots who hold great sway with most of the regimes comprising the United Nations. “It is a universal, integrated and transformative vision for a better world.” “We need action from everyone, everywhere,” Ban said, pointing to the “guide” offered by the 17 SDGs. “They are a to-do list for people and planet, and a blueprint for success.” “We must use the goals to transform the world,” Ban continued. “Institutions will have to become fit for a grand new purpose.”

The Agenda 2030 agreement makes the audacity of the scheme clear, too. “This is an Agenda of unprecedented scope and significance,” boasts the document.  “Never before have world leaders pledged common action and endeavor across such a broad and universal policy agenda,” the agreement continues. “What we are announcing today — an Agenda for global action for the next fifteen years — is a charter for people and planet in the twenty-first century.”

The Agenda

Perhaps the single most striking feature of Agenda 2030 is the practically undisguised roadmap to global socialism and corporatism/fascism, as countless analysts have pointed out. To begin with, consider the agenda’s Goal 10, which calls on the UN, national governments, and every person on Earth to “reduce inequality within and among countries.” To do that, the agreement continues, will “only be possible if wealth is shared and income inequality is addressed.”

As the UN document also makes clear, national socialism to “combat inequality” domestically is not enough — international socialism is needed to battle inequality even “among” countries. “By 2030, ensure that all men and women, in particular the poor and the vulnerable, have equal rights to economic resources,” the document demands. In simpler terms, Western taxpayers should prepare to be fleeced so that their wealth can be redistributed internationally as their own economies are cut down to size by Big Government. Of course, as has been the case for generations, most of the wealth extracted from the productive sector will be redistributed to the UN and Third World regimes — not the victims of those regimes, impoverished largely through domestic socialist/totalitarian policies imposed by the same corrupt regimes to be propped up with more Western aid under Agenda 2030.

Wealth redistribution alone, however, will not be enough. Governments must also seize control of the means of production — either directly or through fascist-style mandates. “We commit to making fundamental changes in the way that our societies produce and consume goods and services,” the document states. It also says that “governments, international organizations, the business sector and other non-state actors and individuals must contribute to changing unsustainable consumption and production patterns … to move towards more sustainable patterns of consumption and production.”

In plain English, the Agenda 2030 document is claiming that today’s “consumption and production” patterns are unsustainable, so we’ll need to get by with less. How much less? It would be hard to find a more clear and concise assessment than that offered by the late Maurice Strong, the recently deceased Canadian billionaire  and longtime UN environmental guru who led the 1992 Earth Summit, in a pre-Earth Summit document: “It is clear that current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle-class … involving high meat intake, consumption of large amounts of frozen and ‘convenience’ foods, ownership of motor vehicles, numerous electrical appliances, home and workplace air-conditioning … expensive suburban housing … are not sustainable.”

In truth, such “lifestyles and consumption patterns” are sustainable, so long as the freedom that makes prosperity possible is not destroyed in the name of achieving “sustainability.” The UN and the environmental lobby claim that we must get by with less because there are now too many people on the planet consuming too many resources. But this rationale for accepting UN-imposed scarcity is patently false.

Of course, the promoters of Agenda 2030 would claim that rather than impoverish us, the global regime they envision would take good care of us — through universal health coverage, for instance. One of the targets for Goal 3, ensuring “healthy lives” and “well-being,” is: “Achieve universal health coverage,” including “vaccines for all.” Universal access to “mental health,” along with “sexual and reproductive health-care services” — code words for abortion and contraception — are also included. All governments are expected to integrate such services into their “national strategies and programmes,” the agreement demands.

It is worth noting that mass-murdering Soviet dictator Vladimir Lenin made clear that controlled healthcare is the “keystone” of socialism. The United Nations obviously agrees. And though he may not call it “socialism,” Obama undoubtedly also views government control of healthcare as key. Indeed, enactment of ObamaCare could be viewed as a “great leap forward” by the United States toward implementation of a key component of Agenda 2030, before Agenda 2030 was even “approved.”

But as important as targeting healthcare is to the globalist schemers, any plan for building international socialism would be lacking without also targeting the next generation with global-socialist propaganda. And so an entire goal of Agenda 2030 is devoted to ensuring that all children, everywhere, are transformed into what the UN calls “agents of change,” ready to push forward the plan for the new global order. “Children and young women and men are critical agents of change and will find in the new Goals a platform to channel their infinite capacities for activism into the creation of a better world,” the agreement explains.

The sort of activists that the UN hopes to make your children into is also explicitly defined in the agreement. “By 2030, ensure that all learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development, including, among others, through education for sustainable development and sustainable lifestyles, human rights, gender equality, promotion of a culture of peace and non-violence, global citizenship and appreciation of cultural diversity and of culture’s contribution to sustainable development,” the global plan for 2030 states. Considering what the UN means by “sustainable development” — population control, central planning, global governance, and more — the agenda for your children takes on an even more sinister tone.

Archbishop Viganò also calls to fight the corruption of state officials and establish popular resistance movements and communities of national liberation.

Viganò says we need to disrupt the old system designed by the enemies of humanity.

The rules in place by the global dictators, Viganò says, keep us from reacting and gathering.

Instead, he proposes we unite under Jesus, the prince of peace.

He sent this appeal to all political leaders and rulers who do good, including all Christian nations from the East to the West.

You can watch Archbishop Viganò’s appeal safely on Rumble below:

God Bless Archbishop Viganò for taking a stand to fight against tyranny.

Do you think the American bishops discussed Archbishop Viganò’s message during their conference?

Let us pray every citizen of the world heeds the Archbishop’s message, including the religious leader of the Archdiocese of Chicago, Blase Cupich.

St. Michael, the archangel, defend us in battle.

Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.

May God rebuke him we humbly pray, and do thou,

O’Prince of the heavenly host,

By the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all the evil spirits,

who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. Amen.


Why We Must Resist All Mandates

In history, the tyrants have always slowly taken away their people’s freedoms.

Until one day, the people have none and find themselves under a Communist regime, completely powerless.

This is precisely what is happening in America and worldwide to implement the New World Order through Agenda 21.

Stay with me as I explain how this affects Chicagoans, and cite references from a Catholic Archbishop in Italy who warned President Trump of “The Great Reset” in 2020.

In case you’ve been glued to the mainstream media, the New World Order – once hailed as a conspiracy theory- is now proven that this is the agenda of the world’s elites.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò has been outspoken about the New World Order and the plans to implement it using the COVID-19 pandemic.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò was consecrated by John Paul II in 1992.

He’s known by the New York Times as “the man who took on Pope Francis” for the cover-up of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.

He became well-known more recently in America after sending a letter to President Trump, warning him of the upcoming “Great Reset.”

Sadly, Archbishop Viganò’s warning has fallen on the deaf ears of the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Cardinal Blase Cupich demands mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for his staff and masks mandates for all churches and parochial schools.

You can literally go to any surrounding state for mass maskless, but if you happen to live in Illinois, especially Cook County, you face mask mandates courtesy of Bishop Blase.

Many other blue cities face the same mandates from their bishops, who play politics instead of honoring God.

This is likely why Archbishop Viganò felt compelled to write a stunning letter to America’s bishops earlier this month.

In his letter, Archbishop Viganò discusses how most vaccines undergo rigorous testing, unlike the COVID-19 jab. He accuses public health authorities of “experimentation on the entire world population.”

He is also furious at the clergy and Pope Francis for facilitating “satanic action against God.”

Is Bishop Blase Cupich experimenting on the Catholic staff of the Archdiocese of Chicago by mandating vaccines and ignoring valid religious exemptions?

Here is more from Archbishop Viganò’s letter:

Viganò went to to assert it would be “immoral and unacceptable” for Catholics to take the vaccine given revelations by Pfizer executives that the jabs contain material from aborted fetuses.

The Archbishop expressed his fury at other members of the clergy and Pope Francis himself for facilitating a “crime against humanity” and “satanic action against God.”

Viganò pulled no punches in outlining the wider agenda at play.

“I realize that it may be extremely unpopular to take a position against the so-called vaccines, but as Shepherds of the flock of the Lord we have the duty to denounce the horrible crime that is being carried out, whose goal is to create billions of chronically ill people and to exterminate millions and millions of people, based on the infernal ideology of the “Great Reset” formulated by the President of the World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab and endorsed by institutions and organizations around the world.”

Why is our bishop silent regarding the known use of aborted fetal cell lines in COVID-19 vaccines?

In case you still don’t believe vaccines could possibly be made from murdering babies, here is evidence from America’s Frontline Doctors:

Recently, Pfizer whistleblower Melissa Strickler, a manufacturing quality auditor for the company, exposed some of their internal emails. She was horrified by the information they contained and spoke with Project Veritas about what she had uncovered – the use of fetal cells from aborted babies to test their COVID-19 vaccine. This is some of what top management wrote:

“From the perspective of corporate affairs,” [Pfizer Senior Director of Worldwide Research Vanessa] Gelman wrote in one email, “we want to avoid having the information on fetal cells floating out there … The risk of communicating this right now outweighs any potential benefit we could see, particularly with general members of the public who may take this information and use it in ways we may not want out there.

In another email exchange between Advait Badkar, senior director of the Novel Delivery Technologies group within Pfizer’s Biotherapeutics Pharmaceutical Sciences organization, Gelman can be seen admitting to Badkar that, “One or more cell lines with an origin that can be traced back to human fetal tissue has been used in laboratory tests associated with the vaccine program.”

She warned him that, “We have been trying as much as possible to not mention the fetal cell lines.”

What Strickler wasn’t aware of is that the information about the fetal cells being used for the COVID-19 vaccine is well-known to scientists and researchers. Papers about the manufacturing techniques for COVID-19 vaccines, which included the use of fetal cells, were published online at least as far back as May 2020;[1] she also didn’t know that she had uncovered only a small portion of a large scandal.

The fetal cells referred to in Pfizer’s emails were HEK293T cells, obtained from the kidney cells of a female fetus in 1973.[2],[3] In reality, all the currently authorized COVID-19 vaccines are made using aborted fetal cells, including Moderna’s. Moderna also used HEK293T cells in their proof-of-concept tests to see if the genetic instructions contained in these vaccines would be effectively taken up and produce the required spike protein.[4]

Johnson and Johnson used both the PER.C6 cell line (derived from human embryonic retinal cells, originally from the retinal tissue of an 18-week-old fetus aborted in 1985)[5] and the HEK293T cell line, to produce and assay (respectively) their Janssen adenovirus vaccine.[6]

AstraZeneca used the HEK293T cells to develop theirs, as did two other companies that have had their vaccines approved, CanSino Biologics and Gamaleya Research Institute (Sputnik V vaccine).[7]

The use of aborted fetal cells in vaccine production has been going on for over 50 years, starting in the mid-to late 1970s.[8] Antigens for several childhood vaccines are grown in aborted fetal cell lines MRC-5 and WI-38. These cell lines are found in the vaccines and are included in CDC’s vaccine excipient list as well as Johns Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety website (top and bottom images respectively).

Fetal DNA and proteins are also found in the Covid-19 vaccines, at least for the ones which were developed, not just tested, in fetal cells. Genetic engineer, Dr. Theresa Deisher, explains that it is impossible to totally separate the antigen from the medium it is grown in.

Deisher explains:

All of these things are in the final product including contaminants from the cell lines that are used to manufacture the vaccines, and you asked, you know, why the contaminants can’t be removed. So, the virus in the vaccine is just a long chain of RNA or DNA, but it’s such a long chain that it’s not economical to make it in a test tube and so the companies mimic nature’s way of growing viruses and they infect cells and the virus grows in the cells, and then they lyse the cell and they try to purify away the virus and leave behind the cells impurities and DNA fragments. But, for anyone who’s taken chemistry, your yield is inversely related to your purity and, so, if they purified out the contaminants from the cell lines, the yield would be so low that they wouldn’t make any money, or no one would pay a thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars for a vaccine and, so, because of that, contaminants from the cell lines, and in that case fetal cell lines, are in the final product. And, they are actually at very high levels …[10]

The WI-38 and MRC-5 cell lines are over 60 years old.  “The WI-38 cells were derived by Leonard Hayflick in 1962 from the lung of a 3-month female fetus [2]. The initials WI refer to the Wistar Institute, a body of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, and number 38 to the fetus from which the cells were obtained. The MRC-5 cells were obtained in 1966 from the lungs of a 14-week male fetus [3]. The initials MRC indicate Medical Research Council, a body from London.” The cells lines age and can only be replicated so many times, therefore, in 2015, China developed another fetal cell line, the WalVax-2 strain.

Horrifyingly, the vaccines are also developed from not only abortion but literally murdering babies born alive.

Dr. Theresa Deisher explains the use of aborted fetal cells (as well as other adjuvants and contaminants) in vaccines in the video below:

Sadly, the babies murdered for ‘science’ suffer horrific deaths, having their organs removed while still alive.

Here’s more from America’s Frontline Doctors:

Not only are the babies delivered alive, horrifically, their organs are often removed when they are still alive.[18] This is how they got the HEK293 kidney cells used in the manufacture of the vaccines and why Pfizer wanted it to remain a secret:

The details of HEK293’s brutal – and from all appearances, until very recently, largely undisclosed – origins explain the company’s deep discomfort. Contrary to nearly a half-century of misrepresentation and obfuscation, HEK293’s creation did NOT arise from an “abortion” as everyday people understand it.

To harvest a viable embryonic kidney … sufficiently healthy children old enough to have adequately-developed kidneys must be removed from the womb, alive, typically by cesarean section, and have their kidneys cut out. This must take place without anesthesia for the child, which would lessen the viability of the organs.

… The deliberate killing of an unwanted child (a little girl, in the case of HEK 293) took place in the tortuous manner it did precisely to obtain her organs for research. The harvest of her organs was the direct cause of her death, prior to which, she was a living child, outside the womb.[19]

Catholics need to be made aware of the truth behind the COVID-19 vaccines’ aborted fetal cell lines and the mandate agenda.

If we don’t peacefully resist mandates now, the tyrants won’t stop until they’ve taken every inch of our freedoms.

What will it take to wake up Bishop Cupich and the Archdiocese of Chicago?

My grandma always warned me about a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Join me in praying for Bishop Cupich and the Archdiocese of Chicago.

YOU can help stop the tyrannical agenda by resisting today!


How 5G and Frequencies Affect Our Health and Spirituality

Updated 11/14/2021

The negative health effects of 5G on life are well documented across the internet.

Activists around the world have joined in the fight against 5G in their communities.

In my community, Sutherland Elementary School in Beverly reported RF radiation with a monitor coming off the cell towers of the school.

In Mount Greenwood, an elementary school saw a huge spike in childhood cancer immediately following the installation of cell towers on their school.

The cluster of cases made parents initially think there was a lead problem with the water.

The University of Chicago is now studying the cluster of pediatric cancer cases out of that Mount Greenwood school.

A local father, concerned about the radiation coming off of Sutherland’s cell tower, used a device to monitor RF radiation.

As soon as he turned it on by Sutherland Elementary, the machine went off like crazy.

DNA Info has more on the story:

But none of that matters to Fagan, who said he was “concerned from the get go” upon seeing the cell phone towers at Sutherland. So, he bought a device used to measure RF radiation and filmed the results.

The video is included on the petition page. At Clissold Elementary School in Morgan Park and Kellogg Elementary School in Beverly, the meter barely registers a blip. Neither school has cellphone towers.

Fagan also provides evidence of the amount of RF radiation generated by a typical cellphone call, which gives off a modest reading of 0.3 volts per meter. Finally, he heads to the campus of Sutherland and Mount Greenwood School at 10841 S. Homan Ave. — both of which send his device into a frenzy of beeping and buzzing.

These campuses show readings of 6 volts per meter. The maximum limit per FCC guidelines is 27.5 volts per minute for a span of 30 minutes.

So what does it all mean? Even Fagan will tell you that he doesn’t particularly know. Though he’s clearly uncomfortable with his son or any other children playing outside of the school while being bathed in RF waves far beyond that of a typical cellphone call.

Fagan also pointed to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ concerns over RF radiation as well as a report in May from the National Toxicology Program that found “low incidences of tumors in the brains and hearts of male rats” who were regularly exposed to cellphone waves.

As a result, Fagan believes parents of students attending CPS ought be notified annually when cell towers are attached to their school — long after a local school council votes to approve the deal. He also believes LSCs should give regular consent for the transmitters to remain on the property.

He would further like for parents concerned by these towers to be allowed to transfer their students to nearby schools without towers. Fagan laid out such concerns in a letter Sept. 21 to Bogdana Chkoumbova, the head of the CPS network that includes schools in the 19th Ward.

“Parents limit their children’s exposure to substances that the FDA and EPA say are just fine for them all the time. These substances include BPA, caffeine, VOCs, aspartame, processed meats and even too much fruit juice. Not allowing parents within CPS choices is the equivalent of state-mandated exposure,” Fagan said in his letter.

To be clear, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency work with the FCC to determine safe levels of RF radiation, according to the FDA’s website.

In response to an email requesting further information, the trade group representing the U.S. wireless communications industry pointed to the same information referenced by CPS from both the American Cancer Society and the FCC.

The group also pointed to the World Health Organization’s guidelines, which largely claim cellphones and the RF waves that power them are safe. Though Fagan noted this same study, saying the World Health Organization didn’t entirely rule out a risk, saying the findings also state electronic fields used by cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Fagan likened the threat of RF radiation to that of smoking or asbestos, which took years to identify as dangerous thanks to powerful lobbyists and inconclusive evidence. Though he said the threat could also someday be proven false too.

“I don’t know that [RF radiation] causes cancer,” Fagan said. “But there certainly seems to be reason for doubt.”

Fagan added that cellphone towers that were once considered lucrative have become far less valuable to individual schools. According to Passman, there are 136 cell towers at 102 schools throughout CPS. The installations generate approximately $5 million annually, Passman said.

Sutherland Elementary has not taken down its cell tower yet. The Mount Greenwood Elementary school, however, just successfully had six sector antennas removed from school property in response to four pediatric cancer cases within a two-year period (2015-2017).

There is no doubt that RF radiation alters the cells in our bodies.

But how does that play a role in our consciousness?

The effect of altering frequencies in regards to our spirituality has not been discussed in length that I could find in the troves of the internet.

However, one self-proclaimed prophet from Arizona, known as Jonas the Prophet, wrote about how 5G is evil to the core, and why.

Here is more from his website:

This is a global military assault on the minds and consciousness of the people of Earth with unimaginable levels of microwave radiation. Such intense levels of high frequency electromagnetic microwave wifi radiation is extremely dangerous and damaging to the health and well-being of anyone living and working in such an environment.

5G will provide previously unimaginable download speeds to electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops and mainframe computers, but it will come at the cost of people’s physical, mental and spiritual health. 5G will be built out in the large cities first and foremost, with the placement of literally millions of micro 5G transmitters interspaced roughly 800 to 1000 feet apart anywhere and everywhere, so that connectivity can be concentrated and ubiquitous in any city environment. Rural areas are likely to receive web connectivity via low Earth orbiting satellites such as with Iridium, SpaceX and One Web, supplemented and interspersed with ground based satellite relay stations.

Overall, this 5G network will be tantamount to a massive high tech electromagnetic psychotronic military assault on the hearts and minds of the masses for the purposes of mind control (entrainment/enslavement), as well as for an elimination/extermination eugenics based depopulation agenda. In a nutshell, these are 5G global mind control/killer networks that are being rolled out worldwide.

In addition to mind control and health destroying depopulation objectives, we will also see a 24/7 surveillance police state arise using connectivity to the “internet of things” (iot) build out over the years that will occur simultaneously with the big 5G rollout. 5G will only aid and abet the massive spy and surveillance camera network that has been spun like a spiders web throughout our communities over the past 2 decades. We will all soon be living in a Big Brother/Orwellian/Police State/Penopticon, powered, enabled and run by 5G.

Electromagnetic radiation constitutes the greatest level of pollution, in addition to CO2 and methane emissions, to our global environment today. It is the most prolific and most insidious form of pollution, because it is largely invisible. Microwave wifi radiation, as envisioned through the global 5G network, will destroy human health, that much is certain. On an environmental level, its destructive potential (in addition to global CO2 and methane emissions) is a clear and present danger to human civilization and the biosphere. Artificially enhanced electromagnetic environments are unnatural and detrimental to human physiology which naturally resonates with the Earth’s natural background resonant schuman frequency of 7.83 Hz. 5G will artificially and unnaturally amplify the resonate frequency of any surrounding environment billions of times, literally destroying the minds, hearts and souls of anyone interfacing with this new artificially created technotronic/electromagnetic mind control/kill grid.

5G is, in essence, a full scale psychotronic military assault on the health, well-being, psyche and survival of the human species. It is truly the height of madness and insanity to deploy these lethal weapons into our cities and communities. The global military industrial intelligence security complex, which includes the world’s telecommunications industries, are pathological/tyrannical murderers and genocidal control freaks of the highest order. There is absolutely NO PLACE on this planet for this level of psychotic/debased/deranged/demonic consciousness to exist and operate any longer here on this Earth

Behind the scenes, though, it is the fallen angelic heirarchy of angels who fell with Lucifer who are truly in control of the hearts and minds of the men and women who run and operate the companies, corporations and military establishments who are funding and building the global 5G network. The new high level frequencies they are implementing through 5G will synergistically create a high frequency resonance platform/matrix through which high level fallen angelic forces will be able to interface, interact, manipulate and direct the future fallen affairs of mankind. This is precisely why this high frequency global electromagnetic grid is being created. It is all about getting control and possession of the hearts, minds and souls of a large segment of humanity and turn them to the dark side. Let it also be noted that the high frequency/high level fallen angelic heirarchy operate from a hive mind (similiar to how insects live and operate), for this is precisely the type of interconnected, ubiquitous electromagnetic communications grid they are trying to help create here on Earth.

In summation, the global 5G network is EVIL to its very core. It is nothing less than a luciferian control grid used to manipulate and damn the souls of men. Simply put, 5G transmitters are lethal psychotronic mind control electromagnetic military warfare weapons of mass manipulation and destruction.

Is 5G a spiritual weapon of 2021?

Another interesting perspective that is majorly discussed is our chakras and the energy flowing through our body, which is heavily influenced by tones, or Hz.

I did some digging on healing tones- measured in Hz- and there is a plethora of information available regarding healing tones, as well as the opposite, anxiety/fear-producing tones that are present in modern music today.

You can literally raise your vibration just by positive thought, prayer, or intention.

Or lower it with the wrong music, tone, or thought.

I can personally attest to the positive effects of the Eucharist, prayer, meditation, and yoga in raising my vibration throughout life.

Bob Marley was onto something with his Positive Vibrations!

It appears by raising one’s vibration, you allow your body to self-heal.

However, if you cannot raise your vibration due to chemicals or outside interference, your consciousness remains stuck at a lower level, thus halting the ability to achieve a holy level of awareness.

In the Catholic church, we are called to do everything with God’s love, which includes forgiveness, and shining light on the darkness- literally raising the vibration of darkness!

We must be strong to cast away all evil that interrupts our relationship with the Lord, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all the angels and saints.

Why then, would anyone in the Catholic church condone the installation of 5G wireless small cell towers on their steeple?

Outside of the serious negative health consequences of 5G on humans (known carcinogen), why would we want to alter the frequencies from our prayers?

Thankfully, one local mom is stepping up to get 5G removed from her children’s elementary school and church.

An online petition has been circulating for the cell tower to be removed from St. Linus Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Please take a moment to sign here and help the parish of St. Linus and the children who attend school daily here.

We need all the lightworkers to stand up and help us change the world into a brighter future for the younger generations.

Please share this with your network to help the St. Linus Community free themselves from 5G.

If not you, then who?


FBI, CIA, and Pfizer Working Together to Target Those Who Spread ‘Misinformation’

In case you missed it, James O’Keefe from Project Veritas received an early morning visit from the FBI to raid his home and phone.

Every journalist, reporter, and writer should be up in arms about this clear violation of the First Amendment.

If we don’t have free speech, do we even have a country anymore?

Communists always work to strip away freedoms one at a time.

Until you realize you have none and are completely under their draconian control.

Our founding father’s implemented our Constitution to ensure all citizens maintain their sovereignty.

Without free speech, we have lost our God-given voice.

Project Veritas has been doing some great investigative journalism lately, likely why they were attacked.

From their recent exposés on Pfizer and aborted fetal cells, to the FDA employee saying he’s going to “blow dart” the unvaccinated, Project Veritas remains a necessary voice of truth in this information war.

It seems what set off the FBI – or rather the Biden administration- was the notion that O’Keefe had stolen Ashley Biden’s diary.

The first question that any logical person should ask themselves is why the FBI is going after a diary?

Unless that information is true, aka harmful, to the Biden’s.

The diary alleges the young Biden daughter shared inappropriate showers with her father.

It also details accounts of molestation from a young age.

Does the FBI attacking Project Veritas prove the legitimacy of the diary?

Fox News has more on James O’Keefe’s statement:

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe appeared on “Hannity” for his first interview since the FBI raided his home on Saturday morning as part of a federal investigation into the missing diary of President Biden’s daughter, Ashley Biden. 

“I woke up to a pre-dawn raid,” O’Keefe told Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Monday. “Banging on my door, I went to my door to answer the door and there were ten FBI agents with a battering ram, white blinding lights, they turned me around, handcuffed me and threw me against the hallway. I was partially clothed in front of my neighbors. They confiscated my phone. They raided my apartment. On my phone were many of my reporters’ notes. A lot of my sources unrelated to this story and a lot of confidential donor information to our news organization.” 

“I’ve heard ‘the process is the punishment.’ I didn’t really understand what that meant until this weekend. And Sean, I wouldn’t wish this on any journalist,” O’Keefe said. 

O’Keefe said he was “in a state of shock” as FBI agents spent over two hours searching his apartment, telling Hannity they took two of his iPhones.  

Paul Calli, O’Keefe’s attorney, commented on the situation regarding Ashley Biden’s diary, telling Hannity Project Veritas paid money to the tipsters who had obtained the diary for the “right to publish the material,” which the guerilla news outlet never did and later turn the material to “local law enforcement.”

Calli also pushed back against the notion that the diary was “stolen,” telling Hannity “nobody knows if that’s the case.” 

“This is an attack on the First Amendment by the Department of Justice,” O’Keefe said. “I’m calling upon all journalists to take a stand against this. A source comes to us with information, I didn’t even decide to publish it. If they can do this to me, if they can do it to this journalist and raid my home and take my reporter notes, they’ll do it to any journalist. This is about something very fundamental in this country. I don’t know which direction this country is going in. But journalists everywhere have to rise up because we broke no laws here. If they can do it to me, they’ll do it to anybody.”

The FBI did not immediately respond to Fox News’ request for comment. 

The raid into O’Keefe’s home came just days after raids were conducted on two Project Veritas associates. 

The investigation, which is also being conducted by the Southern District of New York, surrounds a “stolen” diary belonging to Ashley Biden that went missing just days before the 2020 presidential election.

O’Keefe alleged in a video statement released Friday that “within an hour” of the FBI’s raid of the home of a Project Veritas reporter, The New York Times contacted that reporter for comment. 

“We do not know how the New York Times was aware of the execution of a search warrant at our reporter’s home or the subject matter of the search warrant as a grand jury investigation is secret,” O’Keefe said. “The FBI took materials of current, former Project Veritas journalists despite the fact that our legal team previously contacted the Department of Justice and voluntarily conveyed unassailable facts that demonstrate Project Veritas’ lack of involvement in criminal activity, and or criminal intent.”

“Our efforts were the stuff of responsible ethical journalism, and we are in no doubt that Project Veritas acted properly at each and every step,” O’Keefe asserted. 

The Project Veritas founder then explained that “tipsters” approached his group late last year alleging to have Ashley Biden’s diary containing “explosive allegations” about her father, then the Democratic nominee, and that the diary was allegedly abandoned in a room that she had stayed at and that they stayed after.

The “tipsters,” who O’Keefe said he had never met prior, were apparently negotiating with media outlets to sell Biden’s diary and that ultimately, Project Veritas did not publish the book’s contents because his group was not able to independently verify its authenticity. 

“Project Veritas gave the diary to law enforcement to ensure it could be returned to its rightful owner. We never published it,” O’Keefe said. “Now, Ms. Biden’s father’s Department of Justice, specifically the United States Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York, appears to be investigating the situation, claiming the diary was stolen. We don’t know if it was but it begs the question: In what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the President’s FBI and his Department of Justice? A diary?”

O’Keefe went on to claim the investigation “smacks of politics” but that Project Veritas will “not back down.”

All journalists need to take a stand against this blatant political crackdown on free speech.

It seems anyone who goes against the narrative may be subject to these types of crackdowns.

As a writer, I am not impervious to the above.

And as more writers awaken to spread the truth, those corrupt in power have nowhere to hide.

All they can do at this point is threaten and attack journalists that do honest reporting.

It’s gotten so bad for the cabal that Pfizer is stepping in, working with the FBI and CIA to find out who is spreading ‘misinformation.

The light – which is the truth- is the only way to rid the world of the evil currently imposing worldwide tyranny.

Here is a clip from Rumble of Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla saying those who spread ‘misinformation’ are criminals:

I chose to go forward with light and truth to expose the corruption and leave the world a better place for future generations instead of cowering in the corner to dictators.

Will you join me?


IL District Denies Non-Verbal Autistic Student Appropriate Camera Accommodation and Autism Training for Staff

If Illinois law states that we can put a camera in our elderly loved one’s long-term care facility, why can’t disabled children get one in their classroom?

You can mount as many cameras as you want in an elderly person’s residential facility room, but heaven forbid you to ask the same from your public school for your child.

If someone is denied a part of their voice, isn’t that discrimination?

If you have a nonverbal child, the camera serves as your child’s voice.

Unfortunately, my son’s district thinks the camera is not part of his voice to help with his education. They also can’t see how they are complicit in systemic ableism.

When an able-bodied person makes decisions they think are best for a disabled person based on their neurotypical experience, they are being ableist.

The term ‘ableist’ generally means to discriminate against someone based on their disability.

My son has a life-long battle against ableism ahead of him.

Why won’t the district support my son in a world with the odds stacked against him?

Not only do I feel our district is violating my son’s access to a Fair and Appropriate Education, but they deny a camera for him, which serves as his voice and appropriate accommodation to access his public education.

The director even mocked my request by asking me if I expect a “live feed” of his room to log onto anytime.

While that should be offered to ALL parents, as our taxes fund the school OUR CHILDREN are in, I’m merely asking for a safety camera so we can rewind and recapture an incident.

Texas, Georgia, and West Virginia all have laws in place to allow cameras in special education classrooms.

Why is Illinois so far behind in protecting non-verbal Autistic children?

Last week, my non-verbal Autistic son suffered a severe head injury requiring an ambulance ride, ER trip, and stitches.

When I asked the school to see the hallway camera footage where my son was injured, the cameras weren’t in working order.

Naturally, the room where I had my IEP meeting (library) had working cameras. As did the front of the building. How convenient for the teachers. But what about nonverbal kids?

The public schools are failing our nonverbal children.

My son’s aide was unable to tell us what exactly caused the severe head injury. Something no parent should ever have to deal with.

When your child is non-verbal, it’s an extra punch to the gut as your child can’t communicate the trauma experienced.

Why can’t we take steps to protect our most vulnerable young children and offer them a voice?

In Illinois, there is something known as the Eavesdropping Act.

The Eavesdropping Act prevents Illinois public schools from audio recording teachers.

How convenient that teachers have a law to protect themselves!

What about our children without a voice?

How are we protecting them?

It appears that Illinois is trying to make progress in the special education field, recently banning seclusion in Illinois.

However, when I asked my school if they use seclusion, they immediately said they have a “calm room.”

Timeouts, the team reassured me, are legal.

I was affirmed that my son was never taken to the blue padded room.

But I still demanded to see it.

The long walk had one lone tear streaming down my face onto the mask the district forced onto my face.

How could the school I trust with my nonverbal son have a padded room used for timeouts?

The principal is new to the school, and I was thankful she showed me the “calm room.”

I could tell the mats on the wall had been recently replaced. Yet, they still had two noticeable scratch marks on them.

After my meeting, I took my son to his favorite forest for a run by the pond.

The sun was low in the sky, and I marveled at how sweet and innocent he looked in the late afternoon glow.

With his stitches still visible, I vowed to never let my son be without a voice in a crisis situation ever again.

Later that evening, my son assured me with his AAC device that he’s never been to the “calm room.”

My meeting today opened one big can of worms regarding the treatment of nonverbal Autistic children.

Why do these rooms exist, yet we can’t provide the children that use them an accommodation of a camera to tell their side of the story?

Furthermore, why isn’t more specific Autism training offered to all staff?

My district just went through “Equity as an Imperative” training on their last staff institute day, 11/2.

I guess Autism training isn’t a high priority.

Equity only matters in regards to culture, not a disability, it seems.

You see, our district feels their current training is sufficient for my son, yet that very training sent the school into a crisis, and a head injury to boot.

One that could have easily been prevented with adequate, supplemental training.

During the big head injury event, my son needed to be restrained by two individuals.

Thank the Lord, the school nurse had training outside of the school, as she informed me this is where she received all her experience.

Plus, a well-trained aide would have been able to prevent my son’s accident in the first place.

And cameras would have allowed my son to have a voice in this traumatic experience in his little life.

Why haven’t we passed legislation to make cameras mandatory in every special education room?

Furthermore, why hasn’t anyone made steps to mandate cameras in special education rooms for nonverbal children?

As a parent to a nonverbal Autistic, it makes me wonder what they do behind closed doors that the school boards and the state don’t want us to see.

Check out the original article on seclusion rooms from the Pro Publica Illinois report here.


IL Health Care Right of Conscience Act Threatened by Pritzker and IL Dems

Have you heard of the Health Care Right of Conscience Act in Illinois?

It was established in 1998 and bans discrimination because of a person’s refusal to receive or participate in health care services contrary to their conscience.

The Illinois Health Care Right of Conscience Act (IL HCRCA) has been invoked in several lawsuits against Pritzker for his unconstitutional mandates.

During the upcoming veto session starting October 19th, Pritzker and Illinois Democrats are preparing to change the IL HCRCA.

After being bombarded with lawsuits citing Pritzker’s violation of the law, the Illinois Governor states that “bad actors have been trying to make schools less safe.”

So concerned parents and staff who want to retain medical freedom are making schools less safe?

According to Pritzker, yes.

“There are people that are extraordinarily irresponsible who are going around the state suing because they basically want to make our schools less safe,” Pritzker said. “That is not right, we are not at a moment where this pandemic is over we have to stand up for the safety of all the people in this state.”

It is these very extraordinarily “irresponsible” people who are pushing the Governor to change the IL HCRCA to further justify his tyrannical mandates.

KPVI has more on the story:

Gov. J.B. Pritzker has been working to change the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, which some have invoked in the fight against COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The 1998 Health Right of Conscience Act bans discrimination because of such persons’ refusal to receive or participate in any way in any particular form of healthcare services contrary to his or her conscience.

Some have said the law allows people to avoid getting the COVID-19 vaccine and evade Pritzker’s executive order mandating vaccination or regularly testing for health care workers, educators and other state employees.

Ameri Klafeta, of the ACLU of Illinois, said people are abusing the 1998 law and using it in a way that was not intended.

“The cases that have been brought under this law have always involved health care professionals,” Klafeta said. “This was never a law for individual citizens.”

The Health Right of Conscience Act was intended to help healthcare workers who had religious beliefs regarding certain procedures, Klafeta said.

“Where you would see this law invoked is a situation where a doctor or a nurse has a religious exemption to providing abortion care or birth control or something of that nature,” Klafeta said.

Emily Bittner, deputy chief of staff for the governor, told ABC 7 that the administration wants to clarify the Health Care Right of Conscience Act.

“The Health Care Right of Conscience Act was never intended to allow people to avoid public health guidance during a global pandemic. The administration supports efforts to clarify the law, so it cannot be misinterpreted by fringe elements,” Bittner said in a statement to the station.

Some say the state law allows a people to claim religious reasons to avoid the governor’s vaccine mandate. Attorneys have also filed lawsuits citing the 1998 law. Arguments are being made that the Health Care Right of Conscience Act (HCRCA) protects Illinoisans from being discriminated against in their job for not complying with a medical procedure.

In Adams County, health care workers are suing their employers under the act. Some schools are excluding staff with some saying the HCRCA protects them. Some school officials say possible lawsuits using the HCRCA are why they’re not excluding school staff for not complying. A teachers’ union told members to expect the issue to surface during the upcoming veto session.

“It is possible that the General Assembly may amend the HRCA to make it clear that requiring a test for COVID is not a violation of the act,” a letter sent to teachers covered by the Springfield Education Association. “Expect to hear more about this during the Fall veto session.”

Pritzker addressed some of the lawsuits on Tuesday at an unrelated news conference.

“We need to remember that we have to fight, not only for keeping our kids safe from the virus, but also our entire community,” the governor said.

Could a change to the IL HCRCA influence vaccine mandates for schools?

The law likely limits how much the City of Chicago and the state can enforce it’s vaccine mandates.

Today, CPS announced non-compliant staff will not be fired for refusing the COVID-19 jab but rather the district will “work with them”.

Will the district still “work with them” when the IL HCRCA changes in their favor?

It seems likely that any change to the IL HCRCA will limit our medical freedom and God-given right to chose what to do with our bodies.

Speak up now and call/email your Representatives to tell them you do NOT want them to change the IL Health Care Right of Conscience Act, before it’s too late.


Why is Pritzker Obsessed with Covid Protocols and Mask Mandates? Follow the Money…

If you live in Illinois, you’ve likely been living under tyranny for way too long.

Either you’re asleep and unaware, or totally awake and trying to get others to see the light.

While other states have been free of insane mask mandates, Illinois has been under one mandate or another for the duration of the pandemic.

Even as communities and schools go without Covid outbreaks and the Pandemic turns into an Endemic, Pritzker continue to hold the line on his mask mandate.

If you live anywhere near Chicago, you know residents have taken this to a whole other level, masking outside and alone in cars.

Who is to blame for the massive mask brainwashing in the Land of Lincoln?

On Monday, Pritzker said “We’re watching to make sure that we’re on a good downward trajectory.”

Even though that is technically happening.

Could he be any more vague?

Check out his full statement from YouTube below:

As a good dictator, he tells his people that “they can take their mask off” outdoors.

But, according to JB, it’s perfectly OK to wear a mask outdoors if you feel safe.

Even though- as he even notes – new hospitalizations are going down!

But best practices are Covid vaccinations and masking, according to JB.

Illinois Review has more:

Gov. J.B. Pritzker had an indoor mask mandate in place for more than a year until he let the order expire in May. He then re-instituted a mask mandate in July for all indoor gatherings. On Monday, he couldn’t say what the benchmark would be to lift the mandate.

“We’re watching to make sure that we’re on a good downward trajectory. That’s what we were looking for back in May leading into June, that’s what we’re looking, for now, to possibly make changes,” Pritzker said.

Illinois is one of 12 states and territories in the U.S. with an indoor mask mandate for everyone, regardless of vaccination, according to U.S. News and World Report. The majority of states don’t have a mandate, including Illinois’ neighbors.

You can literally drive 30 minutes to Indiana and be mask free.

But if you’re on the wrong side of the border, you and your kids must wear a mask everywhere or face public scrutiny.

Maybe JB forgot that over half the state will never comply?

Or is he still dreaming that he can cash in on his personal interest investments the longer the Covid scandemic lasts?

Curiously, I did some digging, and it turns out Pritzker has ties to the Covid-19 testing companies.

Illinois Policy has more on Pritzker’s ties to the testing companies:

Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s family investment firm, Pritzker Group, owns stakes in at least two companies creating COVID-19 tests, according to a news report. Pritzker has boasted Illinois is now testing the most residents per capita among the most populous states.

Pritzker’s private capital firm, which he co-founded with his brother Anthony in 1996, has invested in PathGroup, a clinical and molecular pathology company. Cue Health, a health care technology company, received funding from The Pritzker Group’s venture capital arm. Both companies have announced the development or plans to develop tests for COVID-19.

Pritzker has previously said he put his financial assets in a blind trust after he was elected to office, stepped down from his position at the family firm and relinquished decision-making power at the Pritzker Group. Pritzker’s brother, Anthony, is now chairman and managing partner at the firm.

“I really have been uninvolved for three years, so if there’s anything like that, I would not know about it,” Pritzker said Tuesday.

The state has not entered contracts with either company, but Cue Health has been awarded a federal testing contract worth $13 million.

The Pritzker family business and philanthropic empire spans several endeavors, most prominently the Hyatt hotel chain. Pritzker’s personal fortune has been valued at $3.4 billion.

Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider has called on the governor to divest any interest he has in the firm. “The Pritzker Group controls the companies that are making millions off the pandemic, and the Governor stands to make huge profits,” Schneider said in a statement to Fox News.

Former-Gov. Bruce Rauner faced scrutiny and criticism in 2018 after disclosing income earned from a private equity fund that had a stake in a health care provider with government contracts to service jails, prisons, and most notably, immigration detention centers. Rauner likewise argued at the time he had relinquished investment decision-making power.

Schneider is calling for transparency, adding that by placing his assets in a blind trust, Pritzker makes it difficult to determine if he or his family stand to benefit from his public policy decisions.

“Pritzker must divest and come clean,” he said.

Pritzker has yet to come clean to Illinoisians.

Is this why all Illinois Public Schools rolled out the SHEILD testing as part of their Covid protocols for the 2021 schoolyear contingent to receive ESSER funding?

Does Pritzker have ties to the SHEILD testing in Illinois public schools?

We deserve an honest answer.

Because the ESSER funds that schools received through the CARES Act to mask our kids is shady enough as it is.

Follow the money…

Do you have a child in an Illinois public school and are you curious how much your district received to mask and test your children?

Look no further than the ESSER Allocations to LEAs in Illinois.

All schools in Illinois are listed by county, with some schools receiving over $10 million dollars to comply with Covid protocols like masking.

If you’re fed up enough to take a stand, consider speaking at your local school board meeting before it becomes a crime to do so. Even if you don’t have kids in school those of us that do need all the support we can get.

You can use the ESSER numbers for your district to help wake other parents up!

It’s time patriots in Illinois stop being complacent and start waking up our neighbors before it’s too late.


Fighting Illinois Tyranny

Even though I haven’t posted in awhile, I have been busy challenging the Illinois school mask mandates.

Since Prizker came down hard with tyranny- taking away the school board’s power to make mask-decisions- many parents have felt hopeless in the face of school mask mandates.

If you watch the mainstream media, I get that you may FEAR the virus. But the truth is that if you are healthy, the virus has a very high survival rate.

Especially, for children, the rate of survival from Covid is 99.9%.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, why mask AND/OR vax children for a virus with a 99.9% survival rate?

Tyranny, that’s why.

Something Illinoisians are accustomed too.

But in order to break free of the tyrannical matrix we need to peacefully stand up to tyranny in its tracks.

At this stage in the game in cook county, it seems like the masses are asleep and happy to go along with whatever mandates come up.

It can seem disparaging; however, it only takes 1 person to set change in motion.

I may be the only parent at school drop off without a mask outside, but I may be the example for another person to stand up and also say no to this maddness, too.

Monkey see, monkey do.

Another way we are saying NO to tyranny is by pulling our neurotypical kids from school.

We actually homeschooled last year with great success, and as we ‘thought’ things were going back to normal, re-enrolled the kids at our parish school.

Little did I know at the time the Archdiocese of Chicago would NOT accept any child without a mask, regardless of medical condition.

It wasn’t even an hour into the first day of school that I got a call from the principal, IN SHOCK and DISGUST that my son was maskless – even with a doctor’s note.

The Archdiocese of Chicago took it into their own hands to act as our medical provider- telling us that our kids’ doctors notes were essentially null and void as they “declined” the mask exemptions provided.

Now, it was one thing for the Archdiocese of Chicago to deny my Autistic son an education; however, to deny kids an education because of an inability to wear a mask proved that the Catholic community was indeed not what I grew up thinking it to be.

As I chatted with the principal picking up my maskless child, she said in such a quizzical way, “The rest of the kids wear masks. Why can’t he just wear a mask like the rest of the kids?”

Sorry, but we don’t teach our kids to do something because everyone else is doing it!

We’re raising lions, not sheep here.

And my kid’s will surely get a better education in an environment that doesn’t promote the sheep mindset.

In case you missed it, Eric Clapton released a song that perfectly explains how many of us feel about the plandemic.

Check it out before you go, and drop me a note to let me know how you are fighting tyranny in Illinois/wherever you are in the world!


Chicago Patriot Mom Twitter Banned as Censorship of Vaccine “Misinformation” Cranks Up

As President Trump said, “It will be Biblical.”

One can interpret that to mean many things, but I think it means that we are living in Biblical times, and we need God now more than ever.

Evil is at the root of the censorship of early treatment drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine for Covid, as well as the supression of the side-effects of the mRNA vaccines.

Pharma’s bottom line clearly lies in the censorship of competitive and inexpensive treatments, as well as any deemed “misinformation.”

After sharing an interview with from the Stew Peters show with Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston, where they talked about the contents of the jab, I found myself thrown in Twitter jail.

I was told that I could delete my tweet to gain access to my account or file an appeal.

I’ve filed two appeals, and I am “waiting” for my second appeal’s results.

I appealed on the grounds of my First Amendment rights being violated by censoring my tweet.

In the interview that got me banned, Karen Kingston says graphene oxide is in the jabs as an excipient. Kingston goes on to cite studies in which graphene can be a conductor of electricity.

She cites that graphene oxide is not listed in the patent because it is a “trade secret”.

She then goes on to show evidence that these jabs include graphene oxide, which is a known to be poisonous to humans.

Here is a link to the interview that got me banned. It’s a must watch- check it out on Rumble below:

In my quest for the truth, I did some additional digging on graphene oxide.

If you search for “graphene oxide Covid vaccines” you will be heavily fact-checked during your search:

Even search results on Duck Duck Go cannot evade pharma’s censorship and “fact-checking”:

If graphene oxide is an ingredient in the EUA “vaccines”, the public deserves to know and consent to having that toxin injected.

The only “misinformation” is that which comes from censorship of the TRUTH.

Don’t you want to know what you’re putting into your body?

Dr. Mercola has been a big advocate of the truth of Covid-19 and the dangers of the clot shot, so it comes as no surprise that he was threatened to take down ALL articles on his website.

He and his girlfriend said his decision was not taken lightly but was necessary due to the threats on their life.

In a post titled, “Why I Am Deleting All Content After 48 Hours’, Dr. Mercola outlines his personal situation with censorship:

Today, I have the most important announcement in the quarter of a century history of this newsletter. My goal and passion has always been about supporting you and helping you take control of your health. I am beyond thrilled that there are tens of millions of people who have benefited from what I have shared over the years.

I am filled with joy and gratitude every time I travel and lecture as invariably many people tell me how I’ve changed their lives by providing vital information they couldn’t find anywhere else and even better that was completely free.

These were the times when many of the views I presented were criticized, but that’s to be expected. That was one of the great freedoms we enjoyed. We could have different views and we could speak openly about these views without fear of retribution.

But we are now in a different time. A much darker time. The silence of free speech is now deafening.

Not only is blatant censorship tolerated, it is being encouraged by the very people who were to be entrusted with protecting our freedom of speech.

We are not living from the lessons we’ve learned before. Never in my life, would I believe the sitting President of the United States call out 12 Americans in a McCarthyism like attack in the United States. As you are aware, I was placed at the top of this list.

The last week has brought a tremendous amount of reflections to me, and a lot of unacceptable threats to a company full of amazing people that have helped me support you in this journey.

By now I am sure you know that there was a recent NY Times article attacking me and it was one of the most widely distributed stories in the world. The article was loaded with false statements made about me and my organization.

The report would be laughed at if it were to be submitted for peer review, the groups that created it are funded by dark money and operated by an illegal foreign agent. The press never questioned it, but ran with their orders from above.

I can deal with the CNN crews that chase me by car while I bicycle from my home. I feel sorry for the people in media that have to follow the orders they are given.

It is easy to dismiss the media pawns, but the most powerful individual on the planet has targeted me as his primary obstacle that must be removed. Every three letter agency is at his disposal, and the executive powers have grown beyond what an individual American’s rights can protect against.

A dissenter of medical mandates is now a target and obstacle to be removed. I know – that’s 25 years’ worth of blood, sweat and tears coming down.

I can hardly believe these words are coming out of my mouth. It’s a testament of just how radical things have degenerated in the recent past. However, I will continue to publish new articles, BUT going forward, each article I publish will be available for only 48 hours and will then be removed from the website.

We are at the crossroad where change is unavoidable. We all must make choices that determine our future. To many, this looks like a war … but what we need to find is peace. I am going to find peace through this sacrifice.

Just to be clear, ALL my content will be removed. This includes articles on:

Great Reset

General nutrition

The coronavirus

My interviews with experts

These will be removed to appease the individuals in power who have an arsenal of overwhelming tools at their disposal, and are actively engaged in using them. COVID-19 has activated and authorized emergency powers that have weakened our constitutional rights. Sadly, cyberwarfare and authoritarian forces are beyond our abilities to withstand, and this is now our only way forward.

Over 15,000 articles full of vital information that has helped tens of millions across the world take control of their health, will be removed. There was a time when people could debate and respect each other freely. That time is now gone. I believe laws are best applied like medicine – locally and specifically.

Local food, local democracy – our local community strength is the best way to achieve peace moving forward, and to stop authoritarian technocracy. I also believe we are at our strongest when we can care and maintain respect for each other. This is how we can make our most important decisions in life.

Again I will still be writing my daily articles that I started 25 years ago BUT they will only be available for 48 hours before they are removed. In this way I hope to continue my mission to help you take control of your health – but it’s up to you to download, share and repost this content. I will not be enforcing my copyright on this information so that you may freely share it.

Please also encourage others to read “The Truth About COVID-19,” where you will find much of the information from the past two years that people need to read to wake up and open their eyes. I am donating all earnings to the National Vaccine Information Center.

I want to thank all of you that have supported me over the years. I hope you can understand why I have decided to make this dramatic decision and hope the remaining ephemeral articles will be useful for those who wish to read them.

We will continue through these challenging times together, and remember this:

Your body was designed to stay healthy.

You hold in your hands the power to take control of your health.

Never let anyone take your right to health away from you.

At the end of the article, Dr. Mercola famously quotes Albert Einstein’s truth: “Science can flourish only in an atmosphere of free speech.”

If the Covid “vaccines” truly follow the science, why can’t we have an open and honest discussion about the hidden ingredients in the vaccines and the short-term and long-term risks for taking them?


Today is World Ivermectin Day! Global Advocates Promote Ivermectin Treatment For Covid-19

Ivermectin is an early treatment for Covid that is not advocated among mainstream medicine in America.

Instead, with the help of Big Pharma, vaccines are touted as the gold standard of treatment against Covid.

Doctors all over the world are beginning to speak out more about early treatment for Covid INSTEAD of vaccines. 

Ivermectin remains one of those early successful treatments for Covid.

Because of this, advocates all over the world are celebrating World Ivermectin Day today, July 24th.

The goal is to celebrate Ivermectin and “let the world know that it’s going to be ok.”

You may not have heard much about Ivermectin because it has been heavily censored by the mainstream media, American medicine, and our Government.

The Epoch Times has more on the story:

In an effort to help end the pandemic, an international coalition of medical experts is holding worldwide events Saturday to raise awareness about the effectiveness of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.

Two nonprofits—Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care (FLCCC) Alliance and the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development (BIRD) group—who have been campaigning for the off-label use of ivermectin to prevent and treat COVID-19 say the event’s focus is to let more people know that the antiparasitic drug can treat COVID-19, possibly end the pandemic, and help eliminate fear of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

“We have an incredibly positive and uplifting message to share: ivermectin treats and prevents COVID and it is the key to unlocking the never-ending cycle of pandemic peaks and personal restrictions and will help restart economies,” Dr. Tess Lawrie, cofounder of the BIRD group said in a press release.

Lawrie is also a co-author of a peer-reviewed meta-analysis study published in the American Journal of Therapeutics that found ivermectin to be effective against COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP virus. Lawrie and her team concluded with a moderate level of confidence that ivermectin reduced the risk of death by an average of 62 percent, at a 95 percent confidence interval of 0.19-0.73, especially when prescribed early.

FLCCC Alliance also conducted their own review of 18 randomized controlled trials on COVID-19 treatment with ivermectin. They found “large, statistically significant reductions in mortality, time to clinical recovery, and time to viral clearance.” The authors also said that studies on the prevention of COVID-19 reported significantly reduced risks of the disease with regular use of the drug.

Members of the FLCCC Alliance have developed various protocols for the prevention and early treatment of COVID-19,  instead of having patients wait until they develop a severe illness to receive treatment at the hospital. These treatment protocols including one for the management of long COVID are being used globally.

The current standard protocol for COVID-19 positive patients is to isolate at home, avoid dehydration, rest, and take over-the-counter medications for fever, headache, cough, and body pain.

According to updated guidance from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), patients with mild to moderate COVID-19 and who are at high risk of disease progression, are recommended to take a monoclonal antibody if hospitalization or supplemental oxygen is not required.

Despite evidence showing ivermectin may treat all stages of COVID-19 and reduce death and hospitalization as a result of its anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, the FDA has not approved its use, saying that the drug isn’t an anti-viral. The federal regulator issued a warning that people should not take ivermectin intended for horses as the larger doses may be harmful to humans.

The NIH has not changed its neutral stance on the use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19, while the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend the use of the drug except in a clinical study. Both organizations cite insufficient data for not making a recommendation.

Online discussions of ivermectin have faced an unprecedented level of suppression with doctors claiming that their videos are being taken down or their LinkedIn accounts closed.

Lawrie said she has experienced censorship with her work on ivermectin, claiming that her videos about the drug have been removed and posts censored on social media.

“I have experienced a lot of censorship ever since I started doing work on ivermectin (never before),” Lawrie told The Epoch Times via email. “I have had my post of my published peer-reviewed scientific manuscript removed from LinkedIn.”

She also said that many people have informed her that their accounts would be restricted or censored “if they post the work my company has produced on ivermectin or interviews that I have done.”

LinkedIn did not reply to a request for comment.

Dr. Mobeen Syed, chief executive officer of Drbeen Corp, an online medical education, said YouTube took down three of his videos on ivermectin within 24 hours.

“[Third] book burnt in 24 hours. @Youtube @TeamYouTube continue to burn books,” Syed said on Twitter on July 11. “This video was important to keep people safe who are using ivermectin regardless of what YouTube thinks.”

YouTube did not reply to The Epoch Times inquiry on clarification of which terms or conditions Syed’s videos had violated.

Ivermectin is not the only topic being suppressed or blocked by Big Tech firms. Social media posts about the lab leak theory that the CCP virus escaped from a laboratory in Wuhan, China, and information that goes against the narrative about the safety and efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine has also been censored.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki suggested at a White House briefing that people should be banned from all social media platforms if they post misinformation online about COVID-19 vaccines, alleging that this type of information was “leading to people not taking the vaccine.” Psaki’s suggestion has drawn widespread condemnation.

Regardless of the suppression of ivermectin around the world, people have found unique ways to get the information out. Social media posts of lawn signs have appeared in Manitoba, Canada with a simple message that reads, “Ivermectin treats COVID-19” along with the FLCCC website listed.

Members of the FLCCC Alliance said in a reply to an email that they would continue their mission in getting ivermectin approved for COVID-19 despite the censorship.

“Thank you for your email. Abandoning our mission is not [an] option. Yes, it has been hell. But as Winston Churchill once said, ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’ So if we need to leave you here, we understand. But we’ll march on. Your life matters that much,” the nonprofit said earlier this month.

Despite the censorship on Ivermectin by Big Pharma and the mainstream media, advocates will not go silently into the night.

You can celebrate World Ivermectin Day by watching a live clip from the website World Ivermectin Day:


MASSIVE Crowds Already Line Up To Hear President Trump Speak In Arizona!

President Trump is traveling to Phoenix, Arizona tonight to hold a rally at the Arizona Federal Theater.

The visit comes amid the unfinalized forensic audit in Maricopa County.

With Arizona at the epicenter of the audit and midterms, Arizona seems like a HOT place to hold a Trump rally!

The Rally is called “Protect Our Elections” and is put on by Turning Point Action.

Although the rally is happening all day Saturday, President Trump will speak at the end at 6:00 PM EST.

As with any Trump rally, crowds are lined up outside waiting to get in!

Richard Citizen Journalist from Telegram has videos of the rally as well, and he notes he’s been to many but NEVER have they been like this so far!

And we are suppose to believe that the guy who can’t even draw a crowd for his town hall won the election?

If the crowd tells us anything, it’s that we know Trump won!

You can watch President Trump speak tonight on Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube and Rumble, and Newsmax.

Share with other patriots so they can watch President Trump tonight and support the “Protect Our Elections” Rally!


mRNA Vaccines- Stage 2 of Biowarfare?

With all the new evidence that’s come to light, we can all agree that Covid came from China.

Was it purposely released? More than likely.

Are the Covid mRNA vaccines being rushed into everyone’s arms by the same people who released the Coronavirus?

Only time will tell. But it sure seems like something Big Pharma would do- create a disease they can profit off.

You’ve likely heard that mRNA vaccines may be more dangerous than ones using a live virus, but why exactly?

mRNA vaccines are technically an experimental gene therapy drug.

Besides the fact that they are experimental and not approved by the FDA, the side effects are irreversible.

When you introduce an mRNA “vaccine” in your body, the mRNA is taken up and not disposed of, then the spike proteins continue to reproduce in tissues. This gives way to a late-onset of neurologic symptoms due to mRNA taken up in the brain.

But don’t take my word for it.

Dr. Peter McCullough and other doctors are concerned about the local production of spike protein causing neuro, cardiac, immune, and hematologic syndromes.

Why should you care what Dr. McCullough has to say?

He is pretty esteemed in his field and holds various titles, such as Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, President of the Cardiorenal Society of America, and the Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology (just to name a few).

He has also been outspoken against the mRNA experimental gene therapy drug since its inception.

Dr. McCullough noticed his otherwise health patients developing severe neurological and cardiac syndromes after vaccination.

One of his otherwise healthy patients developed Cerebellar syndrome after the Covid vaccine, her life completely turned upside down from that decision!

Dr. McCullough has explained this neurological damage happens from the Covid mRNA vaccines because the mRNA is taken up into cells, which produces spike proteins that are expressed on the cell surface. This causes the body to attack its own cells.

McCullough is a brave doctor advocating AGAINST the experimental mRNA Covid vaccine.

Dr. Peter McCullough explains that as far as he knows, there’s no way to reverse the damage from the mRNA vaccines.

Typically, all medical treatments and medication come with “Important Safety Information” (ISI).

There is no ISI insert for the Covid vaccine.

Which is something Dr. McCullough has NEVER seen with ANY treatment in medicine.

Why is the ISI blank on the vaccine?

What is Big Pharma trying to hide?

In a recent interview on the Stew Peters show, Dr. McCullough offers tons of great answers to many questions we all have about the safety of the vaccine and the hidden dangers.

When asked if he thinks the mRNA Covid vaccine is poisonous, he says “the mechanism of action is clearly poisonous.”

Is there shedding from the vaccinated?

He says that the virus clearly sheds from the spike protein, and it is likely happening.

The breakthrough shedding evidence was shown in a vaccinated breastfeeding patient who lost her baby.

Her tragic report can be found on the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, and her baby died at one year old shortly after she received the vaccine.

You have to check out the full interview with Dr. McCullough on the Stew Peters show below:

If you’ve had the vaccine, there are ways you can detox your body to flush out the toxins. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to flush out the Covid mRNA.

Here is some more information from Dr. Mercola on the mRNA vaccines:

As explained by Malone, many months ago he warned the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that the spike protein — which the COVID-19 “vaccines” instruct your cells to make — could be dangerous. The FDA dismissed his concerns, saying they did not believe the spike protein was biologically active. Besides, the vaccine makers specifically designed the injections so that the spike protein would stick and not float about freely.

Well, they were wrong on both accounts. It’s since been well-established that, indeed, the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein gets free, and that it is biologically active and causes severe problems. It is responsible for the most severe effects seen in COVID-19, such as bleeding disorders, blood clots throughout the body and heart problems.

Using the word vaccine isn’t really appropriate here, and I don’t want to contribute to the misuse of that word. These injections are clearly not vaccines. They don’t work like any previous conventional vaccines. As the actual inventor of the mRNA vaccines clearly says in the interview, they are gene therapy. So, please understand that when I say vaccine or vaccination, I’m really talking about gene therapy.

In a recent interview with Alex Pierson, Canadian immunologist and vaccine researcher Byram Bridle, Ph.D., discussed previously unseen research obtained from the Japanese regulatory agency through a freedom of information act request.

The study was a biodistribution study done by Pfizer, which showed that the mRNA in the vaccine does not stay in and around the vaccination site but is widely distributed in the body, as is the spike protein.

This is a serious problem, as the spike protein is a toxin shown to cause cardiovascular and neurological damage. Once in your blood circulation, the spike protein binds to platelet receptors and the cells that line your blood vessels. When that happens, it can cause platelets to clump together, resulting in blood clots, and/or cause abnormal bleeding.

Are you going to trust the mainstream media / Big Pharma/ the government, or trust science when it comes to your health?


Fight to Lift Children’s Mask Mandates Comes to Illinois!

The science is not behind children and mask wearing.

As more parents speak out, school districts are making mask-wearing optional in Illinois.

Barrington District 220 just made headlines that it will make mask-wearing optional in the fall for kids in grades 6-12.

While this is a HUGE celebration for liberty and freedom, enraged parents took this as an opportunity to protest the freedom.

Even though young kids technically still need to wear masks!

After the news broke that District 220 would make mask-wearing optional, WGN quickly produced a hit piece showing parents protesting the optional masks.

Check it out below:

Florida and many other states have NEVER had mask mandates for their school-aged children.

As a mom with an Autistic son who cannot wear a mask, He also needs to see others faces to learn appropriately.

My son is a prime example of why the mask mandates are ableist against kids with special needs.

Besides being a prime example of ableism, studies show masks are harmful to our children’s health.

However, Illinois could careless about the actual health of children.

Children need fresh air and an immune system, not masks for 8 hours a day!

You won’t find any information on the internet though, as the government has been quick to scrub any information that may run counter to their narrative or that they deem “anti-vaccine.”

Take Dr. Joseph Mercola, for example.

He is on the government’s “Disinformation Dozen,” yet he provides truth no mainstream doctor will.

Here is a recent article from Dr. Mercola about how the science shows masks are NOT the answer for our children:

Mandating children to wear facemasks for long periods of time while at school and participating in other activities is an unprecedented move, one that was put into place despite no research showing the practice is safe. It’s not simply a case of “something is better than nothing,” because the act of mask wearing comes with a risk of adverse effects.

Now that the pandemic is more than a year behind us, evidence is starting to accumulate showing that the use of face masks in children may cause more harm than good. One of the latest studies noted that the evidence base for making face masks compulsory in schoolchildren is “weak,” and looked into their effects on carbon dioxide in inhaled air.

Your body produces carbon dioxide (CO2) as a byproduct of cellular function.2 This odorless, colorless gas is then transported via your blood to your lungs, where it is exhaled from your body. Normally, the CO2 then dissipates into the air around you before you take another breath. In the open air, carbon dioxide typically exists at about 400 parts per million (ppm), or 0.04% by volume.

The German Federal Environmental Office set a limit of CO2 for closed rooms of 2,000 ppm, or 0.2% by volume. If you’re wearing a facemask, the CO2 cannot escape as it usually does and instead becomes trapped in the mask. In a study published in JAMA Pediatrics, researchers analyzed the CO2 content of inhaled air among children wearing two types of masks, as well as wearing no mask.

Children in the study ranged in age from 6 to 17 years, with a mean age of 10.7. While no significant difference in CO2 was found between the two types of masks, there was a significant elevation when wearing masks compared to not wearing them.

CO2 in inhaled air under surgical and filtering facepiece masks came in between 13,120 ppm and 13,910 ppm, “which is higher than what is already deemed unacceptable by the German Federal Environmental Office by a factor of 6,” the researchers noted.4 Also important, this level was reached after only three minutes, while children wear masks at school for a mean of 270 minutes at a time.

Even the child who had the lowest measured CO2 level had a measurement threefold greater than the closed room CO2 limit of 0.2%. However, younger children appeared to have the highest CO2 values; a level of 25,000 ppm was measured from a 7-year-old wearing a facemask.

The study attracted criticism and calls for retraction by those questioning mask risks to children, but in a thoughtful synopsis by Dr. Vinay Prasad, a hematologist-oncologist and associate professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco, it’s noted that there are both benefits and risks to forcing children to wear masks.

While large, empirical studies could answer the question of whether masks help or harm children, “we did literally zero of them,” Prasad said, and the CO2 study is attempting to add some clarity. He added:

“Here is the real answer to the question of whether it’s worth it to mask kids: No one has any clue. During the last year and half, the scientific community has failed to answer these questions. Failed entirely.

We have no idea if masks work for 2-year-olds and above, 5 and above, 12 and above. No idea if they only work for some period of time. No idea if this is linked to community rates. No idea if the concerns over language loss offset the gains in reduced viral transmission, and if so, for what ages.”

A German study using data from 25,930 children showed that 68% reported adverse effects from wearing facemasks.8 Among them, 29.7% reported feeling short of breath, 26.4% being dizzy and 17.9% were unwilling to move or play.

Hundreds more experienced “accelerated respiration, tightness in chest, weakness and short-term impairment of consciousness.” Additional symptoms were also reported among the children, who wore facemasks for an average of 270 minutes a day.

Signs of mild to moderate hypercapnia, which is a buildup of CO2 in your bloodstream, include shortness of breath, daytime sluggishness, headache, daytime sleepiness and anxiety.

Hypercapnia is often associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which makes it harder for you to breathe, but it can also be caused by activities that limit you from breathing fresh air, such as scuba diving or being on a ventilator.12,13 The researchers of the featured study believe, however, that the use of facemasks could lead to “impairments attributable to hypercapnia,” adding:

“Most of the complaints reported by children can be understood as consequences of elevated carbon dioxide levels in inhaled air. This is because of the dead-space volume of the masks, which collects exhaled carbon dioxide quickly after a short time.

This carbon dioxide mixes with fresh air and elevates the carbon dioxide content of inhaled air under the mask, and this was more pronounced in this study for younger children … We suggest that decision-makers weigh the hard evidence produced by these experimental measurements accordingly, which suggest that children should not be forced to wear face masks.”

Disposable plastic facemasks pose another risk in terms of the pollution they contain. A study by Swansea University researchers noted that 200 million disposable plastic facemasks are produced in China daily, and “improper and unregulated disposals” have led to a significant plastic pollution problem.

The researchers submerged seven disposable facemask brands in water to simulate what happens with littering, when masks end up in waterways. Micro- and nanoscale fibers and particles and heavy metals, including lead, antimony and copper, were detected, raising significant environmental and public health concerns. According to a university news release:

“The findings reveal significant levels of pollutants in all the masks tested — with micro/nano particles and heavy metals released into the water during all tests.

Researchers conclude this will have a substantial environmental impact and, in addition, raise the question of the potential damage to public health — warning that repeated exposure could be hazardous as the substances found have known links to cell death, genotoxicity and cancer formation.”

Not only are masks not being recycled, but their materials make them likely to persist and accumulate in the environment. Most disposable face masks contain three layers — a polyester outer layer, a polypropylene or polystyrene middle layer and an inner layer made of absorbent material such as cotton.

Polypropylene is already one of the most problematic plastics, as it’s widely produced and responsible for large waste accumulation in the environment. Leading researchers from the University of Southern Denmark and Princeton University also warned that masks could quickly become “the next plastic problem.”

A performance study published in the June 2021 issue of Journal of Hazardous Materials18 also highlighted the little talked about fact that wearing masks poses a risk of microplastic inhalation, and reusing masks increases the risk.

A National Institutes of Health study19 published in February 2021 confirmed that when you wear a mask, most of the water vapor you would normally exhale remains in the mask, becomes condensed and is re-inhaled.20 They went so far as to suggest that wearing a moist mask and inhaling the humid air of your own breath was a good thing, because it would hydrate your respiratory tract.

But researchers from New York University (NYU) Grossman School of Medicine revealed that when oral commensals — microbes that live in your mouth — are “enriched” in the lungs, it’s associated with cancer.

Specifically, in a study of 83 adults with lung cancer, those with advanced-stage cancer had more oral commensals in their lungs than those with early-stage cancer. Those with an enrichment of oral commensals in their lungs also had decreased survival and worsened tumor progression.

While the study didn’t look into how mask usage could affect oral commensals in your lungs, they did note, “The lower airway microbiota, whether in health or disease state, are mostly affected by aspiration of oral secretions, and the lower airway microbial products are in constant interaction with the host immune system.”

It seems highly likely that wearing a mask would accelerate the accumulation of oral microbes in your lungs, thereby raising the question of whether mask usage could be linked to advanced stage lung cancer.

Adding further support that masking leads to an accumulation of breath droplets, which you can then re-inhale, engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University developed a face mask that tests such droplets for the presence of COVID-19.

The facemasks contain tiny, freeze-dried sensors surrounded by water. When the wearer pushes a button, the water is released, hydrating the sensor, which then begins the test.

Reportedly, the mask can diagnose COVID-19 within 90 minutes and is “as sensitive as the gold standard, highly sensitive PCR tests,”24 which have been fraught with trouble since the beginning of the pandemic.

If children are risking inhalation of excessive levels of CO2 to wear masks at school, what benefit are they receiving in exchange? Very little, if any, according to a CDC study that compared the incidence of COVID-19 in Georgia kindergarten through grade 5 schools that were open for in-person learning in fall 2020 with various recommended prevention strategies, such as mandatory masks and improvements to ventilation.

The study revealed that COVID-19 incidence was 37% lower in schools that required teachers and staff members to use masks and 39% lower in schools that improved ventilation, compared to schools that did not use these strategies.

Because the COVID-19 incidence at the schools was extremely low to begin with, even with a 37% reduction in incidence from staff members wearing masks, that only reduced COVID-19 incidence by about one case in the entire school. When students were masked, it also made virtually no difference. Further, ventilation led to better outcomes, reducing incidence by 39%.

Dilution methods, which work by diluting the number of airborne particles, include opening windows and doors or using fans. This led to a 35% lower incidence of COVID-19, while methods to filter airborne particles, such as using HEPA filtration systems with or without ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, led to a 48% lower incidence.

While the CDC continues to recommend “universal and correct use of masks and physical distancing” in kindergarten through grade 12 schools,27 a number of states, including Texas, Iowa, South Carolina and Arkansas, are defying the CDC’s nonsensical advice and proceeding to ban mask mandates in public schools or at least make mask usage optional.

In addition to the physical risks, experts have warned that masks are likely to be causing psychological harm to children and interfering with their development.29 All of these risks come at little benefit to children, as, one expert report noted, “Figures illustrate that the risk of death from this disease for this age group is negligible … To introduce these [compulsory face covering measures] without detailed, thorough and meticulous risk assessment, is potentially reckless.”

Mass, peaceful protests are often effective at compelling change, so if you’re unhappy with the facemask policies at your child’s school, contact your local district and let them know.

Dr. Mercola is right about a lot of things, but especially about speaking up to our schools about their facemask policies.

Now is the time to contact your districts if you haven’t already!

We have power in our numbers, which is something the government can never take away.

Need some encouragement?

Check out a clip from the District 220 Board meeting where parents spoke up for mask freedom for their children:


Lightfoot Silent As Crime Skyrockets in Chicago

Crime in Chicago is out of control, and a group of mothers got together to shine a light on the issue and our Mayor’s unresponsiveness.

This group of mothers gathered outside City Hall for a peace rally, sharing that 200 kids have been shot in 2021.

The mothers who have lost a child to Chicago’s violence say the Mayor is not properly tackling the crime issue. 

These moms say what we’re all thinking: that she needs to work harder to stop this violence!

Check out the clip from the peace rally from WGN below:

As a mother, seeing the pain these mothers endure losing their child is heartbreaking.

Lightfoot is a mother- doesn’t she hold the same emotions?

In light of the evidence in front of her, Lori Lightfoot says Crime is DOWN! 

When she was confronted by a Newsmax reporter’s question about the horrific shootings, she dodged answering the question.

The reporter asked Lightfoot, do you “feel responsible for the off-the-charts violent crime?”

She blamed the “economic shutdown from Covid-19”. 

Lightfoot then yelled back to the reported that he doesn’t have the facts- “I got the facts!”

She says her facts show a DECLINE in homicides.

Are her facts even rooted in truth?

The evidence says otherwise!

The FACTS are the lives that are lost on the streets of Chicago daily.

Check out Lightfoot’s ridiculous statement on crime going down from Fox 32 below:

Just this past weekend, 61 people were shot, 10 fatally.

Another tragic weekend where Lightfoot’s silence is deafening.

The Chicago Tribune has more:

Five people were fatally shot in a nine-hour period from late afternoon Sunday into early Monday in Chicago, bringing the weekend toll to 10 dead among at least 61 shot.

Despite the daunting totals, it isn’t the most people shot during a weekend so far this year, or in the past month. Over the long Fourth of July weekend, 108 people were shot, including 17 who were killed. In late June, 77 people were shot in a single non-holiday weekend, seven of them fatally. Seventeen of those were wounded during two mass shootings alone.

Eleven people were shot in a 24-hour period Sunday into Monday, including the five who died.

Chicago police were called to the 1700 block of West 79th Street in Gresham on the South Side about 4:10 p.m. Sunday for a report of a man who had been shot in the abdomen and hand. He was taken to Advocate Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn in critical condition, police said, and was pronounced dead at 4:41 p.m., according to the Cook County medical examiner’s office, which had not released his name or age as of Monday.

A little more than three hours later, officers were called to the West Side. At 7:30 p.m., police headed to the 5500 block of West Rice Street in South Austin for a report of a 30-year-old man who was shot after a man approached him with a handgun and opened fire. The man was hit in the shoulder and taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 7:58 p.m., according to the medical examiner’s office. It had not released information about his identity Monday.

At 10:11 p.m., a 31-year-old man was standing on the sidewalk in the 900 block of North Lawler Avenue in South Austin when someone walked up to him and began shooting. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the head and torso, and was pronounced dead at Stroger Hospital, according to police. He had not been identified Monday.

At 10:24 p.m., police responded to the 7700 block of South Normal Avenue in the Winneconna Parkway neighborhood on the South Side. A 49-year-old man was standing and talking to someone in a parked black sedan when a person in the car began shooting at him. He suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to University of Chicago Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 10:32 p.m.

He later was identified as Robert Fartheree, 49, of the same block on which he was killed, according to information from the medical examiner’s office.

A man was killed early Monday in the 100 block of North Morgan Street in the West Town neighborhood on the Near West Side. He was standing on the sidewalk when someone in a passing silver sedan shot him, police said. The man, 38, was taken to Stroger Hospital in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at 1:25 a.m., according to the medical examiner’s office, which had not released information about his identity as of Monday.

Six other people were shot and wounded from Sunday morning to Monday, according to information from police and Tribune records. A total of 11 people were shot, five of them fatally.

Between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, 18 people were shot, three of them fatally.

Police said a 31-year-old man was shot in the head about 1:45 a.m. Saturday in the 2800 block of West Van Buren Street in the East Garfield Park neighborhood. He was taken to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Tajh Moore, 31, was charged with first-degree murder in the man’s death. Moore, who was still on the scene after the man who was shot was taken to a hospital, told officers he shot the man after a physical fight, police Superintendent David Brown said during a news conference Monday.

Detectives got video evidence of the shooting and saw there was no fight between Moore and the victim, Brown said. In the video, Moore is seen walking up behind the victim and shooting him “execution-style,” he said.

Saturday afternoon, an additional eight people were shot, and none of their injuries were fatal.

Saturday night to Sunday morning, 24 people were shot, two of them fatally. That number included six children, including four teens who were injured in a mass shooting in South Austin, the youngest of them 12.

Brown said drive-by shootings, like the mass shooting that happened Saturday night, are becoming more common.

Brendan Deenihan, the Chicago Police Department’s chief of detectives, said the shooting happened at a graduation party. Police have not found the vehicle that was used, and the people gathered should not have been targeted, Deenihan said.

An 8-year-old boy also was shot Sunday, as was a 16-year-old girl, in unrelated attacks.

Where is Lightfoot and why is she not doing more to help curb the violence?

This violence is UNACCEPTABLE and Lightfoot’s silence is damning.

I pray for peace in Chicago’s streets, but with a Mayor like Lightfoot, it’s just more of the same.


Arizona Forensic Audit PROVED 11,326 ILLEGAL VOTES Altered By AZ SOS Katie Hobbs

Democrat Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs has vehemently spoken out against the Maricopa County audit.

One has to wonder why, unless you have something to hide?

The Arizona Senate hearing this week discussed a plethora of evidence of voter fraud in Maricopa County.

An astonishing number of UNREGISTERED people voted in Maricopa County in the 2020 presidential election.

To be exact, 11,326 people illegally voted, had their votes counted, and added to the CERTIFIED election results in Arizona.

The same number of unregistered people- 11,326- voted in Maricopa County and WERE NOT on any Arizona voter rolls on November 6, 2021.

Yet somehow they magically appear on Arizona voting rolls a month later?

Who was tampering with the voting rolls?

Allegedly, only the Secretary of State has access to the Arizona voting rolls.

Is this why SOS Katie Hobbs PANICS anytime she’s interviewed about the Maricopa County audit?

Here are a few clips of her recent interviews below.

Again, wouldn’t you comply with an audit to PROVE you won if you had nothing to hide?

She’s also a Democratic candidate for Governor!

Katie Hobbs needs to be exposed for the FRAUD that she is, and the Cabal that she works for needs to be revealed.

Did you know Katie Hobbs is Soros funded?

Interesting how this Soros-funded puppet doesn’t want to audit our national election.

Her time of reckoning is on the horizon.

Hobbs has tried to deflect by asking Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate allegations that allies of President Donald Trump pressured election officials to “stop the counting” during the 2020 presidential election.

Attorney General Mark Brnovich shot back with a letter of his own, stating that for the first time in over a decade, Arizona’s Secretary of State has not submitted criminal referrals for double voting in past elections.

Newsmax has more:

The political back-and-forth was reported by The Arizona Republic, as the state Senate held hearings this week on the forensic audit being conducted by an independent firm. Brnovich and Hobbs both have 2022 election campaigns for U.S. Senate and governor, respectively.

Brnovich’s email to Hobbs was sent Wednesday by assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright, who works for Brnovich’s election integrity unit, before Thursday’s Senate hearing on the top-line findings from the forensic audit in Maricopa County.

“The [attorney general] has not received any information from your office regarding potential double voting in the 2018 or 2020 election,” Wright wrote in the email to Hobbs, obtained by the Republic, noting Hobbs withdrew from a program intended to ensure proper voting.

“Notably, this is the first time in over a decade the AGO has received no referrals from the Secretary of State regarding double voting.”

“Additionally, please provide any and all records your office possesses related to potential violations of Arizona’s election laws.”

A Hobbs administration spokesperson told the Republic the delay in the referrals for double voting is delayed as it waits for a report from a national organization that works with other states to help identify potential incidents of double voting.

The Republic reported on claims Rudy Giuliani and Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward has reached out to Maricopa County officials amid allegations of election fraud, prompting Hobbs’ letter to Brnovich last week.

Brnovich office declined to comment to requests for comment from the Republic, which noted not commenting on investigations is common.”

Will Katie Hobbs be the first card to fall in the Arizona Deep State’s house of cards?

Katie Hobbs has been caught in a deliberate attempt to cover up the illegal votes by altering state records.

Even just the ONE instance of fraud -11,326 illegal votes- would put President Trump as the real winner of the 2020 Presidential election.

And make the 2020 Presidential election illegitimate.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Trump Won!


More Evidence Against Masks and Covid Vaccines For Children

Pink Floyd serves as the inspiration for my post today.

You may be familiar with the part, “Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!”

In case you aren’t familiar with the song I’m referring to- it’s called “Another Brick in the Wall.”

“We don’t need no education, we don’t need no thought control” certainly seems appropriate to what we’re witnessing today, in our education system and in the news.

The government’s tentacles of thought control have turned nefarious, as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said they are working with Facebook to censor “disinformation”.

Isn’t this what the Communist CCP does to its citizens?

Check out Pink Floyd’s song below, as it seems like not much has changed since 1979.

The government’s censorship of “disinformation” has hidden the truth about the Covid virus, the Covid vaccine, and masks, ESPECIALLY when it comes to kids.

I’m going to provide you with the facts for each of those categories so you can read the scientific studies for yourself.

Then, you can decide whether to follow the mainstream media or follow the science.

Survival Rate For Children Is 99.995%

Do the benefits outweigh the risks of vaccination for Covid in children?

This is a valid question worth considering.

However, the Biden Admin pushes forward with vaccination plans, claiming they are “following the science.”

If the Biden admin happened to look at any recent scientific journals, they would see that with kids, there’s nothing to worry about!

According to new studies from the UK, children have ALMOST NO RISK risk of dying from Covid.

In fact, one study showed 99.995% of the 469,982 kids in the UK infected during the study survived.

BBC News has more on the studies:
The overall risk of children becoming severely ill or dying from Covid is extremely low, a new analysis of Covid infection data confirms.

Data from the first 12 months of the pandemic in England shows 25 under-18s died from Covid.

Those living with multiple chronic illnesses and neuro-disabilities were most at risk, though the overall risk remained low.

The conclusions are being considered by the UK’s vaccine advisory group.

Scientists from University College London, and the Universities of York, Bristol and Liverpool say their studies of children are the most comprehensive yet anywhere in the world.

They checked England’s public health data and found most of the young people who had died of Covid-19 had underlying health conditions:

  • Around 15 had life-limiting or underlying conditions, including 13 living with complex neuro-disabilities
  • Six had no underlying conditions recorded in the last five years – though researchers caution some illnesses may have been missed
  • A further 36 children had a positive Covid test at the time of their death but died from other causes, the analysis suggests
  • Though the overall risks were still low, children and young people who died were more likely to be over the age of 10 and of Black and Asian ethnicity.

Researchers estimate that 25 deaths in a population of some 12 million children in England gives a broad, overall mortality rate of 2 per million children.

In the UK, 2 kids out of a million die of Covid.

How many kids die or are seriously injured from the vaccine?

That’s where the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) comes into play.

VAERS COVID Vaccine Data

As a mom to a son with a vaccine injury, I understand the truth and sadness behind every report on VAERS.

I’ve been laughed at for sharing VAERS in years past, but I’m done being silent because the Covid vaccine is killing and maiming so many of our young that have absolutely no risk of dying from the virus.

I’ve been blessed with great natural-minded doctors for my son who have medically healed many ailments, though he still cannot talk yet at the age of 6.

That said, vaccine injury is a real and pervasive epidemic in society.

All you need to do is check the VAERS Covid Vaccine reports.

VAERS is updated every Friday, and I’ve pulled the most recent report for you below:

OVER 10,000 deaths are not being reported by the mainstream media.

Some will argue the vaccines are for the good of public health.

But even if the vaccine kills ONE person, how is it good for public health?

What if that one person is you?

Here’s a chart which shows how many of our young have been killed by the Covid “vaccine”.

57 kids died under the age of 24 from the Covid vaccine.

That number may not seem significant, but what if that was your child?

I know from experience that you can be that one in a million. Then what?

If there were 10,991 overall deaths and 57 were under age 24, it seems much riskier to give our children the vaccine than have them get Covid, doesn’t it?

Remember, here is what they found in the UK: Researchers estimate that 25 deaths in a population of some 12 million children in England.

The vaccine is still in the “Emergency Use” phase, which waives liability from pharmaceutical companies if you or your child take the vaccine and get injured.

The mRNA vaccine specifically is new and scientists are still unsure of the long term side effects.

However, we are all getting a glimpse into the short-term side effects.

Check out a video of what happens to blood cells under a microscope after an mRNA vaccination.

Why push a vaccine with so much uncertainty on our most vulerable population?

Our nation’s future does not need to be experimented on.

It certainly seems too quick to give this experimental vaccine to our youngest population when the long-term effects remain unknown.

A group of doctors, known as America’s Frontline Doctors, spoke out about Hydroxychloroquine at the beginning of the Pandemic and are speaking up again, this time to “protect the children”.

By suing the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the doctors hope to prevent the expansion of the Covid vaccines to children.

Founder Dr. Simone Gold announced the lawsuit in mid-May, as she hopes to keep America’s kids from being used as “guinea pigs.”

Here is more about the Protect the Children lawsuit from Rumble:

Unmask Our Children

Science shows that masks do more harm than good.

A recent interview with Stanford Doctor Jay Bhattacharya on Newsmax discusses the new studies proving the high survival rate.

Dr. Bhattacharya also mentions other studies coming out showing that masking children can cause developmental delays.

You can watch the interview safely on Rumble below:

Below is another study which shows just how damaging facemasks are physiologically, psychologically, and to your health.

Check out a recent study done out of Stanford University, called “Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis.

Here is a clip from the abstract:

“Many countries across the globe utilized medical and non-medical facemasks as non-pharmaceutical intervention for reducing the transmission and infectivity of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19). Although, scientific evidence supporting facemasks’ efficacy is lacking, adverse physiological, psychological, and health effects are established. It has been hypothesized that facemasks have compromised safety and efficacy profiles and should be avoided from use. The current article comprehensively summarizes scientific evidence with respect to wearing facemasks in the COVID-19 era, providing prosper information for public health and decision making.”

Don’t let the “retraction” fool you.

It’s just another censor from our government.

If you don’t believe me, check out the book Rising From the Dead by Suzanne Humphries, MD.

She details levels of corruption in the medial field that one cannot comprehend unless you’re knee-deep in it.

Again, read it for yourself so you are armed with facts, not propaganda.

Back to the study- here is the reason for the “retraction“:

There’s plenty of other evidence that face masks are not the way forward for our children.

Bacteria have been found on facemask samples dirtier than toilet bowls!

It’s time we help wake up America with some real science and facts.

There’s nothing more important than protecting our children.

Additional Reading:

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Facemasks in the COVID-19 era: A health hypothesis (nih.gov)

Dangerous pathogens found on children’s face masks – Freedom Of Speech (fos-sa.org)


Arizona Audit Hearing Reveals THOUSANDS OF DUPLICATE Ballots, and More…

If you are from Chicago, you’ve undoubtedly heard the phrase, “vote early, vote often.”

Around these parts of America, it’s common to hear people joke “my uncle never voted Democrat until he died.”

Or that the cemetary is Democrat.

My mother-in-law shares tales of her days campaigning for old mayor Daley.

As a very young girl she would stand outside the polling places with dollar bills, telling people to “Vote for Daley.”

In case you’ve been living off the grid your entire life, Daley was the heart of the Democrat machine in Chicago.

My mother-in-law would also follow voters into their booths, helping the older folks vote MANUALLY.

This was back in the 1950s.

Today, voter fraud isn’t so blatant.

But it is still as pervasive and insidious as ever.

Which is why patriots are so dedicated to eradicating voter fraud forever.

Today, the Arizona Senate held a hearing revealing just the tip of the iceberg of the fraud in Maricopa County.

The website for the audit was either attacked by the deep state or flooded with people, as it started about an hour later than scheduled.

It literally felt like Christmas for patriots- truth bombs just kept coming about the different accounts of voter fraud.

The amount of voter fraud released should disturb all Americans, not just patriots.

This out of just one county. In one state.

Imagine the nation wide fraud!

We should be demanding our local officials stand up to honest and fair elections, and pressure them to audit the 2020 election.

If they have nothing to hide, what is there to be afraid of?

Auditors in Maricopa County found 25,000 duplicate ballots!

Many didn’t even have serial numbers, making it impossible to know just how many fakes exist.

But the proof was there that fraudulent duplicate ballots were discovered.

Voter rolls were reported to be a mess, and not cleaned up in who knows how long.

Which should also disturb everyone.

There is no need to have dead voters on voter rolls, PERIOD.

Countless Cyberattacks were reported.

74,243 mail-in ballots were counted with “no clear record of them being sent.”

And there was evidence that the paper for some of the ballots was not “official” paper.

Becker News has a great summary of all the fraud exposed today:

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann held a public briefing on Thursday with the leaders of the ongoing election audit that she authorized. The auditors’ update was harrowing: 74,000 absentee ballots lacked documentation, thousands of ballots were duplicated without proper documentation, and most shockingly, over 11,000 voters were not on the November election voter rolls, but showed up later on the December voter rolls.

As a reminder, Donald Trump lost Arizona to Joe Biden by 10,457 votes, or merely 0.3 percent of the state’s certified count.

The two-hour Arizona State Senate briefing is provided below.

The testimony of digital forensics expert Ben Cotton discussed the rigorous procedures that were undertaken, including 24/7 surveillance, and processes to ensure that not a ‘single bit’ of the election data could possibly be changed.

Cotton’s testimony rebutted claims that the voting machines were compromised and thus could not be used in future elections.

“I have this question, I don’t understand,” Fann said, “How can the Secretary of State say that she can’t certify the machines weren’t tampered with, when supposedly we have people that… certified people that come in to certify machines aren’t tampered with? It doesn’t make sense. Could you explain that to me please?”

“Madame President, I certainly undertand your confusion, and I share that with you,” Cotton said. “I’d also like to reiterate that as part of our evidence handling procedure, we had cameras watching over our evidence storage facilities and our acquisition and replication procedures 24/7.”

“So, any form of tampering certainly would have been caught,” he added.

Former Arizona Secretary of State and State Senate liaison Ken Bennett discussed the chain-of-custody procedures and the questions involving duplicated ballots.

The ballot boxes for the independent audit were received from Maricopa County and then locked up in cages with 24-hour guarded armed security, both inside and outside the facility, as well as 24-hour livestreamed surveillance video, Bennett said.

He said that there was “continuous and complete” chain-of-custody documentation for all the ballot boxes and voting equipment.

The Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan revealed a number of alarming ballot issues. Many of the ballots had “bleed through” and printer calibration issues. Logan said there were  “roughly 160,000” ballots-on-demand in Maricopa County on Election Day. These ballots were unlikely to be ‘Vote Safe’ by using standardized paper for elections.

Arizona Senate President Fann noted that the media had earlier questioned those who had raised such issues, mockingly labeling them as purveyors of ‘Sharpiegate.’

Fann pointed to canvasing as one of the possible solutions to resolving issues of voter intent, while pointing out the hypocrisy of critics, even those in the Biden Department of Justice, who pointed at the practice as one that could potentially lead to ‘voter intimidation.’

“I do know of a case where one house got 25 ballots in the mail and only two people live there,” Fann said. “And so we had talked about how we verify that. And there was a question about canvasing.”

“The Department of Justice sent us a letter about four or six weeks ago,” she continued. “And said, ‘we’re concerned about you actually knocking on doors, that it might be… voter intimidation or civil rights violation or something’.”

“Which I find it interesting, after the White House last week said ‘we’re going to knock on doors to see if you are vaccinated or not’,” she added. “But that’s a side point,” she noted, then said that such a canvasing effort is postponed conditional upon the results of the audit.

“Based on the data we’re seeing, I highly recommend canvasing,” Logan said. “Because it is the one way to know for sure whether some of the data we’re seeing, if it’s real problems or whether it’s clerical errors of some sort.”

“For example, 74,243 mail-in ballots, where there is no clear record of them being sent,” Logan said. “And just to be clear, here in the state of Arizona there is EB32s and EB33s. EB32s is supposed to give a record of when a mail-in ballot is sent. And EB33 is supposed to give a record of when the mail-in ballot is received.”

“So there should be an equal… there should be more EB32s, more sent out then there are received. Specifically, with these we can tie them to a specific individual it was mailed to,” he continued. “And so, we have 74,000 where we have, it came back from individuals where we don’t have a clear indicationthat it was ever sent out to them.”

“But I think when you have 74,000, it merits knocking on a door and validating some of this information,” he added.

Logan then talked about the lowering of signature-matching standards on envelopes to allow more absentee ballots through. He pointed to a legal affidavit.

“When mail-in ballots were received, that so many of them were received, that the standards reduced over time,” he said. “They originally talked about, there was initially 20 points of comparison on the signature, then after some time they were told to go to ten points a signature, ten points of comparison, and then five,” he noted. “And then eventually, they were just told to let every single mail-in ballot through.”

“We think it’s important to get the mail-in ballot images,” he added. “And see how many, if any, blank signatures came through.”

Then Logan revealed one of the most bewildering preliminary findings of the audit: Voter rolls issues.

“We have also seen some interesting things related to the voter rolls,” Logan said. “So, for example, we have 11,326 people that did not show up on a November 7th version of the voter rolls, and after votes were cast, but then appeared on the December 4th voter rolls.”

“Just to be clear, they show as voted this past election,” he added. “But they were not on the November 7th version of the file, but they did show up on the December 4th version.”

The news follows upon massive developments in the Fulton County election audit, which shows thousands of ballots were wrongfully counted for Biden in the ballot tallies. Tucker Carlson revealed the evidence in a bombshell segment on Wednesday night.

We also have a clip, courtesy of Becker News, so you can watch the entire Arizona audit hearing for yourself.

Check it out on Rumble here:

Don’t Cook County residents deserve the same transparency that was received in Maricopa County?

As taxpayers we deserve to know what goes on in our elections.

Why not livestream the elections like the audit?

Unless, of course, you’re committing the crime of the century.

Justice is coming, and President Trump has patiently waited while America wakes up.

President Trump set up the sting of the century, and now the democRATS are scrambling.

Here is President Trump‘s statement tonight:

“Voting system was breached or hacked (by who?)

Arizona Senate hearings on the Maricopa County Election Audit is devastating news to the Radical Left Democrats and the Biden Administration. While this, according to the Senate, is preliminary, with results being announced at a later date, it seems that 74,243 Mail-In Ballots were counted with “no clear record of them being sent.” There were 18,000 voters who were scrubbed from the voter rolls AFTER the election. They also revealed that the voting system was breached or hacked (by who?). Very big printer and ballot problems with different paper used, etc., and MUCH MORE.
The irregularities revealed at the hearing today amount to hundreds of thousands of votes or, many times what is necessary for us to have won. Despite these massive numbers, this is the State that Fox News called early for a Biden victory. There was no victory here, or in any other of the Swing States either.
Maricopa County refuses to work together with the Senate and others who are merely looking for honesty, integrity, and transparency. Why do the Commissioners not want to look into this corrupted election? What are they trying to hide? The highly respected State Senator Wendy Rogers said in a tweet the hearing today means we must decertify the election. In any event, the Senate patriots are moving forward with final results to be announced in the not-too-distant future, but based on today’s hearing, why even wait?”

He only lost Arizona by less than 11,000 votes.

Hold the line, patriots, this part of the movie is getting good.

As General Flynn said tonight, “Nothing can destroy a man with a heart of a lion. Behind him is the army of patriots who know what is the right choice for a better tomorrow. Patriots stay united, the STORM is coming!