MASSIVE Crowds Already Line Up To Hear President Trump Speak In Arizona!

President Trump is traveling to Phoenix, Arizona tonight to hold a rally at the Arizona Federal Theater.

The visit comes amid the unfinalized forensic audit in Maricopa County.

With Arizona at the epicenter of the audit and midterms, Arizona seems like a HOT place to hold a Trump rally!

The Rally is called “Protect Our Elections” and is put on by Turning Point Action.

Although the rally is happening all day Saturday, President Trump will speak at the end at 6:00 PM EST.

As with any Trump rally, crowds are lined up outside waiting to get in!

Richard Citizen Journalist from Telegram has videos of the rally as well, and he notes he’s been to many but NEVER have they been like this so far!

And we are suppose to believe that the guy who can’t even draw a crowd for his town hall won the election?

If the crowd tells us anything, it’s that we know Trump won!

You can watch President Trump speak tonight on Right Side Broadcasting Network on YouTube and Rumble, and Newsmax.

Share with other patriots so they can watch President Trump tonight and support the “Protect Our Elections” Rally!

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