Why is Pritzker Obsessed with Covid Protocols and Mask Mandates? Follow the Money…

If you live in Illinois, you’ve likely been living under tyranny for way too long.

Either you’re asleep and unaware, or totally awake and trying to get others to see the light.

While other states have been free of insane mask mandates, Illinois has been under one mandate or another for the duration of the pandemic.

Even as communities and schools go without Covid outbreaks and the Pandemic turns into an Endemic, Pritzker continue to hold the line on his mask mandate.

If you live anywhere near Chicago, you know residents have taken this to a whole other level, masking outside and alone in cars.

Who is to blame for the massive mask brainwashing in the Land of Lincoln?

On Monday, Pritzker said “We’re watching to make sure that we’re on a good downward trajectory.”

Even though that is technically happening.

Could he be any more vague?

Check out his full statement from YouTube below:

As a good dictator, he tells his people that “they can take their mask off” outdoors.

But, according to JB, it’s perfectly OK to wear a mask outdoors if you feel safe.

Even though- as he even notes – new hospitalizations are going down!

But best practices are Covid vaccinations and masking, according to JB.

Illinois Review has more:

Gov. J.B. Pritzker had an indoor mask mandate in place for more than a year until he let the order expire in May. He then re-instituted a mask mandate in July for all indoor gatherings. On Monday, he couldn’t say what the benchmark would be to lift the mandate.

“We’re watching to make sure that we’re on a good downward trajectory. That’s what we were looking for back in May leading into June, that’s what we’re looking, for now, to possibly make changes,” Pritzker said.

Illinois is one of 12 states and territories in the U.S. with an indoor mask mandate for everyone, regardless of vaccination, according to U.S. News and World Report. The majority of states don’t have a mandate, including Illinois’ neighbors.

You can literally drive 30 minutes to Indiana and be mask free.

But if you’re on the wrong side of the border, you and your kids must wear a mask everywhere or face public scrutiny.

Maybe JB forgot that over half the state will never comply?

Or is he still dreaming that he can cash in on his personal interest investments the longer the Covid scandemic lasts?

Curiously, I did some digging, and it turns out Pritzker has ties to the Covid-19 testing companies.

Illinois Policy has more on Pritzker’s ties to the testing companies:

Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s family investment firm, Pritzker Group, owns stakes in at least two companies creating COVID-19 tests, according to a news report. Pritzker has boasted Illinois is now testing the most residents per capita among the most populous states.

Pritzker’s private capital firm, which he co-founded with his brother Anthony in 1996, has invested in PathGroup, a clinical and molecular pathology company. Cue Health, a health care technology company, received funding from The Pritzker Group’s venture capital arm. Both companies have announced the development or plans to develop tests for COVID-19.

Pritzker has previously said he put his financial assets in a blind trust after he was elected to office, stepped down from his position at the family firm and relinquished decision-making power at the Pritzker Group. Pritzker’s brother, Anthony, is now chairman and managing partner at the firm.

“I really have been uninvolved for three years, so if there’s anything like that, I would not know about it,” Pritzker said Tuesday.

The state has not entered contracts with either company, but Cue Health has been awarded a federal testing contract worth $13 million.

The Pritzker family business and philanthropic empire spans several endeavors, most prominently the Hyatt hotel chain. Pritzker’s personal fortune has been valued at $3.4 billion.

Illinois GOP Chairman Tim Schneider has called on the governor to divest any interest he has in the firm. “The Pritzker Group controls the companies that are making millions off the pandemic, and the Governor stands to make huge profits,” Schneider said in a statement to Fox News.

Former-Gov. Bruce Rauner faced scrutiny and criticism in 2018 after disclosing income earned from a private equity fund that had a stake in a health care provider with government contracts to service jails, prisons, and most notably, immigration detention centers. Rauner likewise argued at the time he had relinquished investment decision-making power.

Schneider is calling for transparency, adding that by placing his assets in a blind trust, Pritzker makes it difficult to determine if he or his family stand to benefit from his public policy decisions.

“Pritzker must divest and come clean,” he said.

Pritzker has yet to come clean to Illinoisians.

Is this why all Illinois Public Schools rolled out the SHEILD testing as part of their Covid protocols for the 2021 schoolyear contingent to receive ESSER funding?

Does Pritzker have ties to the SHEILD testing in Illinois public schools?

We deserve an honest answer.

Because the ESSER funds that schools received through the CARES Act to mask our kids is shady enough as it is.

Follow the money…

Do you have a child in an Illinois public school and are you curious how much your district received to mask and test your children?

Look no further than the ESSER Allocations to LEAs in Illinois.

All schools in Illinois are listed by county, with some schools receiving over $10 million dollars to comply with Covid protocols like masking.

If you’re fed up enough to take a stand, consider speaking at your local school board meeting before it becomes a crime to do so. Even if you don’t have kids in school those of us that do need all the support we can get.

You can use the ESSER numbers for your district to help wake other parents up!

It’s time patriots in Illinois stop being complacent and start waking up our neighbors before it’s too late.

5 thoughts on “Why is Pritzker Obsessed with Covid Protocols and Mask Mandates? Follow the Money…

  1. Hello from the UK

    Many thanks for this post. Follow the money indeed.

    I wrote this about Illinois and its governor. And Hilary Clinton. I done this in a humourous way.

    ‘Illinois – From ‘ill in ois’. A mixture of English and French. Ois short for ‘oiseau’ meaning ‘bird’. The phrase eventually morphed into ‘sick as a parrot’. You can probably see why.

    Its main business is called ‘Chic A Go’, haut-couture for the well-dressed lady. This may include Hilary Clinton apparently born and raised in the suburbs.

    The state is said by Wikipedia to be currently a Demoncratic (sic) stronghold. The balance of power in what was a political swing state has shifted to this position more recently. The current Governor is JB Pritzker. He looks a large man so this would explain the shift in the balance.

    But he should be careful as his weight is a risk factor in getting Covid19.

    He has proclaimed on the 3rd March ‘…I find that a disaster exists within the State of Illinois and specifically declare all counties in the State of Illinois as a disaster area.’ As I have indicated earlier, the state is a Demoncratic (sic) stronghold, so this makes sense.

    The state is said to have a history of political corruption. This may include Hilary Clinton apparently born and raised in the suburbs. But I think I am repeating myself.’

    From my link


    You may be interested in my post on masks. It might amuse you and perhaps be useful.


    He has 13 individual letters of the alphabet in his name by my initial calculation. Anagrams of his name produce a minimum of the word ‘jerk’ with other combinations 840 times. Do you think this is significant?

    If you are in need of a post on him from myself, I shall be happy to oblige. I have analysed other prominent suspect individual’s on my site.

    May I take the opportunity to wish you and your family a very happy Christmas.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I was just over on your site and was thrilled to find you and your wise and witty posts.

      I do believe numbers are always significant, all we need to do is look to our Bible.

      I am going to read through the links you posted, especially the links to Hil. Fascinating to connect the dots!

      But, if you wouldn’t mind helping with a post regarding our Gov, it would be most helpful!

      I appreciate everything you are doing from your Cloud. Merry Christmas to you as well, talk to you soon!

      God Bless!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Kristin

    Well thank you too, you are very kind. As regards governor Pritt Stick, your wish is my command. I have set up a draft and mad some brief notes. It may take a little while, but I will try to give it priority. It won’t before Christmas, but as he is a gold mine for exposing, I don’t think it will be too difficult.

    The angels unseen are with you, including Michael the Bald!

    Yours, Baldmichael

    P.S. I am not completely bald, just bald on top!

    Liked by 1 person

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