How 5G and Frequencies Affect Our Health and Spirituality

Updated 11/14/2021

The negative health effects of 5G on life are well documented across the internet.

Activists around the world have joined in the fight against 5G in their communities.

In my community, Sutherland Elementary School in Beverly reported RF radiation with a monitor coming off the cell towers of the school.

In Mount Greenwood, an elementary school saw a huge spike in childhood cancer immediately following the installation of cell towers on their school.

The cluster of cases made parents initially think there was a lead problem with the water.

The University of Chicago is now studying the cluster of pediatric cancer cases out of that Mount Greenwood school.

A local father, concerned about the radiation coming off of Sutherland’s cell tower, used a device to monitor RF radiation.

As soon as he turned it on by Sutherland Elementary, the machine went off like crazy.

DNA Info has more on the story:

But none of that matters to Fagan, who said he was “concerned from the get go” upon seeing the cell phone towers at Sutherland. So, he bought a device used to measure RF radiation and filmed the results.

The video is included on the petition page. At Clissold Elementary School in Morgan Park and Kellogg Elementary School in Beverly, the meter barely registers a blip. Neither school has cellphone towers.

Fagan also provides evidence of the amount of RF radiation generated by a typical cellphone call, which gives off a modest reading of 0.3 volts per meter. Finally, he heads to the campus of Sutherland and Mount Greenwood School at 10841 S. Homan Ave. — both of which send his device into a frenzy of beeping and buzzing.

These campuses show readings of 6 volts per meter. The maximum limit per FCC guidelines is 27.5 volts per minute for a span of 30 minutes.

So what does it all mean? Even Fagan will tell you that he doesn’t particularly know. Though he’s clearly uncomfortable with his son or any other children playing outside of the school while being bathed in RF waves far beyond that of a typical cellphone call.

Fagan also pointed to the American Academy of Pediatrics’ concerns over RF radiation as well as a report in May from the National Toxicology Program that found “low incidences of tumors in the brains and hearts of male rats” who were regularly exposed to cellphone waves.

As a result, Fagan believes parents of students attending CPS ought be notified annually when cell towers are attached to their school — long after a local school council votes to approve the deal. He also believes LSCs should give regular consent for the transmitters to remain on the property.

He would further like for parents concerned by these towers to be allowed to transfer their students to nearby schools without towers. Fagan laid out such concerns in a letter Sept. 21 to Bogdana Chkoumbova, the head of the CPS network that includes schools in the 19th Ward.

“Parents limit their children’s exposure to substances that the FDA and EPA say are just fine for them all the time. These substances include BPA, caffeine, VOCs, aspartame, processed meats and even too much fruit juice. Not allowing parents within CPS choices is the equivalent of state-mandated exposure,” Fagan said in his letter.

To be clear, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Environmental Protection Agency work with the FCC to determine safe levels of RF radiation, according to the FDA’s website.

In response to an email requesting further information, the trade group representing the U.S. wireless communications industry pointed to the same information referenced by CPS from both the American Cancer Society and the FCC.

The group also pointed to the World Health Organization’s guidelines, which largely claim cellphones and the RF waves that power them are safe. Though Fagan noted this same study, saying the World Health Organization didn’t entirely rule out a risk, saying the findings also state electronic fields used by cellphones are “possibly carcinogenic to humans.”

Fagan likened the threat of RF radiation to that of smoking or asbestos, which took years to identify as dangerous thanks to powerful lobbyists and inconclusive evidence. Though he said the threat could also someday be proven false too.

“I don’t know that [RF radiation] causes cancer,” Fagan said. “But there certainly seems to be reason for doubt.”

Fagan added that cellphone towers that were once considered lucrative have become far less valuable to individual schools. According to Passman, there are 136 cell towers at 102 schools throughout CPS. The installations generate approximately $5 million annually, Passman said.

Sutherland Elementary has not taken down its cell tower yet. The Mount Greenwood Elementary school, however, just successfully had six sector antennas removed from school property in response to four pediatric cancer cases within a two-year period (2015-2017).

There is no doubt that RF radiation alters the cells in our bodies.

But how does that play a role in our consciousness?

The effect of altering frequencies in regards to our spirituality has not been discussed in length that I could find in the troves of the internet.

However, one self-proclaimed prophet from Arizona, known as Jonas the Prophet, wrote about how 5G is evil to the core, and why.

Here is more from his website:

This is a global military assault on the minds and consciousness of the people of Earth with unimaginable levels of microwave radiation. Such intense levels of high frequency electromagnetic microwave wifi radiation is extremely dangerous and damaging to the health and well-being of anyone living and working in such an environment.

5G will provide previously unimaginable download speeds to electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops and mainframe computers, but it will come at the cost of people’s physical, mental and spiritual health. 5G will be built out in the large cities first and foremost, with the placement of literally millions of micro 5G transmitters interspaced roughly 800 to 1000 feet apart anywhere and everywhere, so that connectivity can be concentrated and ubiquitous in any city environment. Rural areas are likely to receive web connectivity via low Earth orbiting satellites such as with Iridium, SpaceX and One Web, supplemented and interspersed with ground based satellite relay stations.

Overall, this 5G network will be tantamount to a massive high tech electromagnetic psychotronic military assault on the hearts and minds of the masses for the purposes of mind control (entrainment/enslavement), as well as for an elimination/extermination eugenics based depopulation agenda. In a nutshell, these are 5G global mind control/killer networks that are being rolled out worldwide.

In addition to mind control and health destroying depopulation objectives, we will also see a 24/7 surveillance police state arise using connectivity to the “internet of things” (iot) build out over the years that will occur simultaneously with the big 5G rollout. 5G will only aid and abet the massive spy and surveillance camera network that has been spun like a spiders web throughout our communities over the past 2 decades. We will all soon be living in a Big Brother/Orwellian/Police State/Penopticon, powered, enabled and run by 5G.

Electromagnetic radiation constitutes the greatest level of pollution, in addition to CO2 and methane emissions, to our global environment today. It is the most prolific and most insidious form of pollution, because it is largely invisible. Microwave wifi radiation, as envisioned through the global 5G network, will destroy human health, that much is certain. On an environmental level, its destructive potential (in addition to global CO2 and methane emissions) is a clear and present danger to human civilization and the biosphere. Artificially enhanced electromagnetic environments are unnatural and detrimental to human physiology which naturally resonates with the Earth’s natural background resonant schuman frequency of 7.83 Hz. 5G will artificially and unnaturally amplify the resonate frequency of any surrounding environment billions of times, literally destroying the minds, hearts and souls of anyone interfacing with this new artificially created technotronic/electromagnetic mind control/kill grid.

5G is, in essence, a full scale psychotronic military assault on the health, well-being, psyche and survival of the human species. It is truly the height of madness and insanity to deploy these lethal weapons into our cities and communities. The global military industrial intelligence security complex, which includes the world’s telecommunications industries, are pathological/tyrannical murderers and genocidal control freaks of the highest order. There is absolutely NO PLACE on this planet for this level of psychotic/debased/deranged/demonic consciousness to exist and operate any longer here on this Earth

Behind the scenes, though, it is the fallen angelic heirarchy of angels who fell with Lucifer who are truly in control of the hearts and minds of the men and women who run and operate the companies, corporations and military establishments who are funding and building the global 5G network. The new high level frequencies they are implementing through 5G will synergistically create a high frequency resonance platform/matrix through which high level fallen angelic forces will be able to interface, interact, manipulate and direct the future fallen affairs of mankind. This is precisely why this high frequency global electromagnetic grid is being created. It is all about getting control and possession of the hearts, minds and souls of a large segment of humanity and turn them to the dark side. Let it also be noted that the high frequency/high level fallen angelic heirarchy operate from a hive mind (similiar to how insects live and operate), for this is precisely the type of interconnected, ubiquitous electromagnetic communications grid they are trying to help create here on Earth.

In summation, the global 5G network is EVIL to its very core. It is nothing less than a luciferian control grid used to manipulate and damn the souls of men. Simply put, 5G transmitters are lethal psychotronic mind control electromagnetic military warfare weapons of mass manipulation and destruction.

Is 5G a spiritual weapon of 2021?

Another interesting perspective that is majorly discussed is our chakras and the energy flowing through our body, which is heavily influenced by tones, or Hz.

I did some digging on healing tones- measured in Hz- and there is a plethora of information available regarding healing tones, as well as the opposite, anxiety/fear-producing tones that are present in modern music today.

You can literally raise your vibration just by positive thought, prayer, or intention.

Or lower it with the wrong music, tone, or thought.

I can personally attest to the positive effects of the Eucharist, prayer, meditation, and yoga in raising my vibration throughout life.

Bob Marley was onto something with his Positive Vibrations!

It appears by raising one’s vibration, you allow your body to self-heal.

However, if you cannot raise your vibration due to chemicals or outside interference, your consciousness remains stuck at a lower level, thus halting the ability to achieve a holy level of awareness.

In the Catholic church, we are called to do everything with God’s love, which includes forgiveness, and shining light on the darkness- literally raising the vibration of darkness!

We must be strong to cast away all evil that interrupts our relationship with the Lord, Jesus, Mother Mary, and all the angels and saints.

Why then, would anyone in the Catholic church condone the installation of 5G wireless small cell towers on their steeple?

Outside of the serious negative health consequences of 5G on humans (known carcinogen), why would we want to alter the frequencies from our prayers?

Thankfully, one local mom is stepping up to get 5G removed from her children’s elementary school and church.

An online petition has been circulating for the cell tower to be removed from St. Linus Church in Oak Lawn, Illinois.

Please take a moment to sign here and help the parish of St. Linus and the children who attend school daily here.

We need all the lightworkers to stand up and help us change the world into a brighter future for the younger generations.

Please share this with your network to help the St. Linus Community free themselves from 5G.

If not you, then who?

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