Let the Children Learn! CTU Forces CPS to Cancel Classes Due to Covid

More than likely, you’ve heard the term ‘The Chicago Way’, but what exactly does it mean?

Typically, for those of us raised in the throes of Chicago corruption, it means receiving a kickback or holding something on someone else until you get what you want, politically speaking of course.

We can see the ‘Chicago Way’ in all its glory as the Chicago Teacher’s Union currently holds the education of the children they serve hostage.

Even Biden and Lightfoot are advocating for children to return to the classroom!

Allegedly, Chicago Public Schools have received billions in federal funding, yet the CTU president claims they have not seen the money spent on enough ‘Covid mitigations’.

This move comes as the rest of the nation sends children back to the classroom.

The Chicago Tribune has more:

Chicago Public Schools has canceled classes again Thursday, CPS CEO Pedro Martinez announced late Wednesday after hours of talks with the Chicago Teachers Union failed to produce a COVID-19 safety agreement to reopen schools.

It will be the second day of what Mayor Lori Lightfoot angrily called an “unlawful, unilateral strike” by the CTU — a reference to the union’s vote Tuesday to refuse in-person learning until their demands for enhanced coronavirus mitigations are implemented.

“Enough if enough,” Lightfoot said Wednesday, again insisting schools are safe despite spiking case numbers in the city. “We are standing firm and we are going to get our children back in school learning. Full stop. … When will be the end of this if we capitulate and give in this time? There will be no end.”

District officials had canceled Wednesday classes after the union endorsed the work action Tuesday to refuse to work in person during a city spike in infections.

The union, using the hashtag #LoriLockout, tweeted Wednesday that it’s been “inundated with calls and emails this morning from educators” who say they’ve been unable to log into their CPS accounts to teach remotely, as was the CTU’s stated intention.

CPS have not confirmed whether staff members have been locked out or how many, though Lightfoot had warned late Tuesday that teachers who did not show up will be docked pay. Until Wednesday evening, it remained unclear if classes — in person or otherwise — would take place Thursday.

The stalemate made national news, with White House press secretary Jen Psaki saying the nation is “more than equipped to ensure schools are open … including in Chicago.” Former President Donald Trump said that “what is happening in Chicago with all the school closures is devastating.”

“Educate our children in person or give every dollar spent on education directly to the students so they can get out of these failing government schools!” Trump said in a statement.

It appears neither teachers nor their union are concerned about children unable to receive an education remotely.

Many children with disabilities are unable to remote learn, yet the teacher’s safety takes precedence instead of the child’s IEP.

In Democrat Chicago style, they even organized a caravan.

This mass work strike comes from a group with over 90% having received a COVID-19 vaccine.

If teachers are truly scared to teach in-person, they surely should not be seen in public either.

Absolutely no restaurants, bars, shopping, gyms, and public transportation then, right?

Here is how the rest of America views upside down Chicago:

When Biden and Lightfoot offer more sense than the Chicago teachers, one needs to think if these are the people they want educating their children, and future generations of Chicagoans.

Check out the most recent update from WGN TV:

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