WATCH: District 229 Board of Education Meeting To Remove Robert Cruz

I’ve uploaded all my videos from tonight’s contentious Board of Education meeting at Oak Lawn Community High School.

Even though the public came out to support Cruz, the board still moved to declare Cruz’s seat vacant.

The board and district lawyer cited ‘multiple violations’ of the board member code, mainly citing that Cruz sullied the district’s name and failed to protect them from a lawsuit.

Check out the videos from tonight’s meeting below.

Please share to let others see the truth of how our local district bends over backward for Governor Pritzker instead of listening to the cries of their constituents.

Started the speeches in support of Robert Cruz
brought receipts
High schooler eloquently speaking in support of unmasking the kids
former board member coming with a heavy heart
Passionate speech to unmask our kids
says he works out in masks so kids should be masked too
Special Needs Parent discussing the mental health crisis in our youth due to mask mandates
District lawyer lawyering
Robert Cruz questions to District 229 lawyer
Robert Cruz vs District 229 lawyer part 2
Robert Cruz comment
District 229 Board of Education declares vacancy in office for the position held by Robert Cruz

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