Will Suburban Cook County School Follow the Science or Follow the Money?

In preparation for my district’s monthly board meeting, I have prepared a statement to bring back parent choice when it comes to masking children.

Although I believe we should unmask the kids and teachers, the first logical step in getting this done is to move to parent choice.

Why are our school boards letting our Governor decide what is best for our local community?

In Chicagoland, most parents and children have been masking up since 2020. We had a slight break over the summer in 2021 before tyranny hit again and Pritzker ordered school boards to follow his direction for the current school year.

Since my school has stated they are following protocols from none other than our Governor JB Pritzker, it seems by doing so, they are ignoring the actual science behind how harmful masking children in an educational setting is to their development.

Just in time for the midterms and JB’s election, it looks like the state may drop the mandates after all.

I wonder how much the state is losing money from tourism and our neighboring states staying put in their utopia’s of freedom.

Below is my prepared statement that I will read tonight. I pray that my district follows actual science and not money/a corrupt Governor.

Otherwise, it seems lawsuits against our schools are our only hope to change the future for our children.


Good Evening.

I am here again to request that the district moves to parent choice for masks. As well as request that the district stays parent choice for vaccination.

As board members, you have the authority to create change in our community. 

JB Pritzker, who is from California and stays in Lake Geneva and Florida for much of the year, does not know what is best for the Oak Lawn Hometown Community.

But You all do!

As I have stated before, mandated masking inhibits child development. 

I studied under Dr. Janellen Huttenlocher while at the University of Chicago.

Dr. Huttenlocher was a psychologist and professor known for her research in the field of the child’s environment in the development of cognitive skills. She was the William S. Gray Professor Emeritus in Psychology at the University of Chicago at the time of her death.

Dr. Huttenlocher was a recipient of the Association for Psychological Science William James Fellow Award in 2013 and the Society for Research in Child Development Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Child Development in 2009. She was honored with the APA Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions to Psychology in 2008 for having “greatly expanded scientific knowledge about cognition and its development in domains as varied as language, spatial cognition, quantitative thought, and memory.”

Although I studied with her from 2004 to 2008, the research results have not changed. I was fortunate enough to be a research assistant in a language cognition study on preschool-aged children. 

At the time I studied under her, we noted that child development relied heavily not only on language input but facial expression as well. 

While socioeconomic factors contributed heavily to the output of a child’s language, facial expressions with language also contributed to more complex language syntax.

My son, who is an Autistic nonspeaker, relies on facial expressions to understand what is being said to him.

I appreciate that you let him attend school without a mask due to his sensory processing disorder; however, he is still inhibited from fully grasping language by the masking of his teachers and peers.

All children, regardless of ability, rely on facial expressions to understand the world around them.

At the SEPAC meeting last Wednesday, our guest speaker and special needs mom Andrea Marwah noted how masks are detrimental to language comprehension and child development.

She spoke specifically on how masks make it almost impossible for those with hearing loss to comprehend what is said.

When we know better, we do better.

Knowing what we know now, it is time we move to parent choice for masking.


Many good-hearted patriots have told me to just move!

But, it’s not that easy to up and leave the city you love. If you’ve never been to Chicago, especially the Southside, you likely are unaware of how amazing the community and people are here.

Not to mention the infamous Southside Irish Parade, where everyone is Irish!

Everyone greets you with a smile in Chicago, and if you walk into a bar alone you surely leave with a pack of friends. It may be one of the friendliest places left in the universe.

Communities rally for one another when misfortune hits a family they know.

Neighbors shovel for one another and deliver goodies just because.

I had the chance to move away to a Conservative’s paradise, yet I came back home.

There is hope for Illinois. Check out the districts moving to mask optional:

United we stand, divided we fall.

It’s time for Illinois to unite for our children.

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