Speech Therapists See Increase In ‘Covid Delays’ From Masking

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out children need maximum language input at a young age to flourish.

OR maybe it does since schools and daycares are still forced masking teachers and students.

Science and Psychology point to children benefiting from facial expressions with language output from caregivers.

But what happens when those caregivers and children are masked all day?

Unfortunately, it appears an industry of children needing speech therapy is created.

One speech therapist in Palm Beach called this striking increase in speech delays “Covid Delays.”

This speech therapist, who talks about masking children and speech delays in the video below, has seen an increase of 5% pre-pandemic to 20% today.

If we continue to mask our children in Illinois, what kind of generation are we creating?

Even when presented with this information, will our administrators follow what is best for the children or follow the money?

Check out the video below and share it with everyone in your district if they are still masking.

Remember, if you don’t share this information, then who will?

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