Southside Strong: Queen of Martyrs’ Principal Put on Leave for Unmasking Kids, Creating Huge Protest

The fight to unmask the kids has hit the Archdiocese of Chicago stronger than ever after the court ruling last week which declared Governor Pritzker’s school mask mandates “null and void.”

On Tuesday, the Queen of Martyrs’ principal, enduringly known to all as “Doc”, was placed on administrative leave merely four hours after declaring the school mask optional.

M. Jacob “Doc” Mathius is the current principal at the Evergreen Park Catholic school, which follows his 40 years as principal at Brother Rice Catholic High School.

Below are statements from the principal regarding the matter:

After hearing the news, the Southside quickly rallied in support of Doc outside of Queen of Martyrs school on the southside of Chicago.

Over 100 parents quickly gathered to show support for the principal, a real-life martyr on the right side of history.

ABC7 News has more:

Parents, students and community members protested Tuesday after principal M. Jacob “Doc” Mathius of Queen of Martyrs in Evergreen Park was removed for ending the Catholic school’s mask mandate.

“I actually pulled my daughter out of the school today and let them know she will not be returning until he is reinstated,” said Andrew Tourville, father of kindergartener.

“We’re really sad the archdiocese just let him go, he was standing up for our kids,” said Meg Kinnerk, mother of sixth grader.

In one of two letters Mathius sent to parents, the educator said his decision to end the mask mandate was a difficult one.

“I perceive, for some time, the social-emotional toll that continuing COVID protocols have taken on many of our students,” he wrote.

It’s unclear if Mathius was placed on administrative leave or fired. The Archdiocese of Chicago would only say that they do not discuss personnel matters.

“I’m sick and tired of it. I feel bad for my kids. They’re not getting a lunch. They’re not allowed to do recess like they used to,” said Brian Hely, community member.

Around 100 parents and students gathered to support Mathius outside the school at 103rd and Central Park Avenue. School districts around the state have been forced to reconsider their mask policies after a downstate court ruling against such mandates in public schools.

“I’m not anti-COVID,” said Katie Haran, parent. “I’m not anti-anything. I’m just standing up for the rights of my children and don’t think they need to be masked.”

I was able to attend and took some pictures capturing the event:

The event gained the attention of the local news, putting pressure on the Archdiocese of Chicago.

Currently, they have only commented that they “don’t comment on personal matters”.

It sounds like the Archdiocese is sure practicing avoidance!

Will the Archdiocese listen to the cries of parents and students, or follow tyranny down its black hole?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts!

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