D123 Continues to Mask, Causing Parents To Rise Up in Droves

While most of Illinois schools have moved to mask optional, including suburban Cook County Archdiocese of Chicago schools, one district near and dear to my heart continues to adhere to mask mandates.

Even though the mask mandates have been declared ‘null and void’, D123 defies the law by adhering to Pritzker’s mandate. Despite the Temporary Restraining Order on school mask mandates, D123 continues to mask everyone, denying parent choice and opting for Governor Pritzker’s tyranny.

A huge group of parents gathered last week at the D123 board meeting to protest the continued masking of their children and bring back parent choice to the community.

While several parents, including myself, spoke about the discrimination and developmental delays our special needs children endure with the continued masking of teachers and peers, the mainstream media ignored our cries, instead focusing on the narrative of “alleging conspiracies from angry parents.”

The Daily Southtown via PressReader has more:

“Dozens of angry parents and residents turned out Tuesday to the Oak Lawn-Hometown Elementary District 123 Board meeting to protest the district’s continued enforcement of a mask mandate.

Several parents, many unmasked or wearing face covering incorrectly, displayed signs with some variation of “unmask the kids,” while a man wore a sweatshirt that read Army, under which he’s written in black marker “of mom and dad.”

“Masking is about power and control,” said resident Mike Handley, who argued that neighboring states, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan don’t have mask mandates.

Handley’s comments echoed a common theme that masks were part of some larger conspiracy of government overreach and personal gain for the state’s leadership.

“You still push vaccination clinics, and you still won’t make it mask optional,” Handly said. “There are only two options available, you’re either corrupt or cowardly.”

Residents were allowed four minutes of speaking time each, though collectively they spoke for about an hour, 30 minutes longer than the usual public comment time.

Among those in attendance was Rob Cruz, who was ousted from the Oak Lawn High School District 229 Board last month when board members, citing his suing the district and filing his own lawsuit claiming he spoke for the board, said he violated board policy.

Cruz said children aren’t resilient and cannot handle wearing a mask. He also said children are acting out and that there’s been an increase of school bomb threats, a claim District 229 officials have dismissed as being without evidence.

There actually have been bomb threats at Oak Lawn High Schools, despite what the Southtown and Tribune try to promote.

At the D123 board meeting, one middle school teacher also spoke of the mental health crisis plaguing the students, admitting she has watched children cut themselves with scissors and stick fingers down their throat to make themselves throw up in class.

Conveniently, the article also left out the 4th grader, David, who spoke of experiencing segregation for not wearing his mask.

Check out this brave boy’s speech from YouTube below:

NBC Chicago interviewed the Oak Lawn Mom, Madzia Fudali, about her son’s experience with segregation in D123.

Check out the clip from NBC Chicago via YouTube below:

The kids have had enough of masking.

The ones brave enough to use their voice are proving it to the board.

What about the children who have no voice, like my non-speaking Autistic son?

His wonderful teacher sends home a report of his day on a pre-typed-up sheet, with things to share with me that my son cannot, such as whether he ate lunch, went to the bathroom, used his AAC device, etc.

However, there is a disturbing aspect to this special needs parent report that I highlighted at the board meeting for everyone else to see.

My district evaluates how much a special needs non-verbal child masks throughout their day (see picture below):

Why is a special needs program evaluating a child on how much they mask, when non-verbal children like my son have more important things to focus on?

Furthermore, when did masking become part of a child’s education?

My son has severe sensory processing disorder, and can hardly tolerate wearing shoes, let alone a mask.

While the school claims they do not segregate my son, I have no idea whether they are telling the truth as my son cannot speak for himself.

I wasn’t the only special needs parent in the room, and the stories these brave parents shared were heartbreaking.

One mother spoke to how her son is behind in speech due to his teachers wearing masks, and another spoke to her son’s sensory processing disorder and how he gets made fun of for chewing on his mask BY teachers.

D123 makes the live board meetings on YouTube private, but stay tuned for the footage as we await the FOIA request from the meeting.

Mama bears are rising up, and D123 will forever be remembered as being on the wrong side of history.

2 thoughts on “D123 Continues to Mask, Causing Parents To Rise Up in Droves

  1. Hello

    I am weeping. I am so angry with the wretched idiot teachers. I could be very rude about them. What a Boy he is to speak out, a true young man. Out of the mouths of babes and children.

    Thank you for posting.

    Mama bears, tear the idiots to pieces! If I was there I would make a whip of cords like Jesus and drive them out of the premises.

    But I note anagram of ‘whip of cords’ is ‘If chop words’, so I guess chop the morons into little pieces with words like this young man has done.

    Yours ever



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