BREAKING: D123 Superintendent Calls Police Over ‘Wound Up Parents’

The D123 Superintendent Paul Enderle made it clear that he thinks concerned parents are similar to domestic terrorists needing to be monitored by police.

Parents in D123 have been extremely vocal in how detrimental masks have been on their children’s development, as well as the segregation taking place with unmasked students.

We’ve received an audio file from a FOIA request which proves just how Paul Enderle views parents who oppose his tyrannical mask rules.

The audio file came from a FOIA request and includes the D123 Superintendent Paul Enderle and the Oak Lawn police dispatcher.

The call to the Oak Lawn police was made on Monday, February 7, 2022, at 8:02AM.

In the audio, you can hear Enderle say he made the call based on the “wound up parents” from the new court order which called Pritzker’s mask mandates “null and void.”

Enderle asked to have cars patrol schools at 8:30AM to “make sure they are accessible”.

Enderle announces his address as 4201 W 93rd Street, the district office, and even claims nothing is happening.

He then says he knows the governor’s order “winds people up” and wants “the police informed of that.”

You can hear the police ask “are parents there now?” Enderle answers and says they aren’t but his main concern is “that Covington school.”

Allegedly, according to Enderle, Covington has “the most contingency of parents that might get wound up on it.”

Check out the Police Event Report Below:

When a superindendent calls the police over possible concerned parents that are “wound up,” one has to wonder what he is trying to hide.

You can listen to the audio clip safely on Rumble below:

Did the Superintendent overstep his authority? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts.

3 thoughts on “BREAKING: D123 Superintendent Calls Police Over ‘Wound Up Parents’

  1. Hello again.

    The superintendent is an imbecile. Heath and safety is always the concern primarily of the individual who has responsibility for his or her health whatever age. This applies in the UK re Health & Safety at Work Acts. It is a no-brainer.

    Paul Enderle is a no-brain er. Even Homer Simpson is not that dumb. Perhaps someone can tell Paul that if he is still being cretinous.

    Anagram of Paul Enderle is, interestingly, ‘pure Allende’. There was a Salvador Allende who was in effect trying to become a dictator of Chile. Perhaps this might be pointed out to Paul as well.

    Yours ever



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