Chicago Last: The Motto of Chicago’s Deep State

While I was operating the Chicago Schnitzel King food truck with my now husband, we had no idea what we were up against. We were naïve enough to think we could pull up and sell anywhere downtown. Shouldn’t Americans be able to do business wherever and however they see fit?

The prohibitive and corrupt food truck laws made it impossible to support ourselves, and after just a few short years, we were forced to close despite having many loyal customers. GPS trackers on food trucks? Laws that prohibit trucks from certain areas because it infringed on the big business restaurants? We attempted to change the laws by suing the City of Chicago for creating these unconstitutional laws, but alas we had to get back to work and couldn’t wait around for the courts.

This was back in 2011, and was only a taste of the socialist agenda we see today. One example is that now, Chicago is riddled with big brother cameras ready to send a ticket for anyone “speeding”. Apparently, the only way to know about where these cameras are placed is by visiting the City’s website. If you don’t check their website and see where these cameras are, you can be held liable when you find a ticket in the mail. Is the City making this information hard to find for a reason?

I don’t know about you, but visiting the City of Chicago’s website frequently isn’t on the top of my to-do list!

Here is more from the City of Chicago:

How will I know where speed cameras are located?

The City of Chicago conducts ongoing educational and outreach activities to inform people about its Automated Enforcement program.  The City lists the location of all Automated Enforcement cameras on CDOT’s website and shows them on the Chicago Traffic Tracker website ( All automated enforcement systems include signs and pavement markings clearly indicating to drivers that they are entering an automated speed enforcement Safety Zone. 

What are the fines for a speeding violation?

The fine is $35 for travelling 6-10 MPH over the applicable speed limit within a Children’s Safety Zone.  The fine is $100 if the recorded speed of the vehicle is 11 or more MPH over the applicable speed limit.

How does the automated safety camera system work?

The automated camera system uses high-resolution digital video and still-photography cameras, equipped with state-of-the-art 3D tracking radar.  The 3D radar identifies vehicles traveling within the enforcement zone at a rate of speed higher than the posted speed limit.  The radar then triggers both the still and video cameras which capture the event, including the license plate of the speeding vehicle.

Two still images are produced.  The first image is the vehicle driving in excess of the speed limit as it enters the safety zone. The second image includes the distance and time the vehicle has traveled.  The license plate is recorded from a close-up of one of the images.  In addition, a high-definition video clip of the event is provided. 

How will the public be informed when new safety zones are put in place?

There are three ways that news about new safety zones will be shared with the public.

  1. The City of Chicago Traffic Tracker website will be updated on a weekly basis with camera locations and the speed limits for each safety zone.
  2. To ensure that the public is informed of each new Safety Zone, a 30-day warning period is in effect at each location. Those who violate the speed limit during this period will receive a warning notice in the mail.
  3. Enhanced signage and pavement markings are installed in Children’s Safety Zone in order to alert drivers and other roadway users. 

The big brother speeding ticket cameras are just one example of the Deep State corruption in Chicago. The Democrat machine needs to eat and will pilfer from the average Chicagoan until we stand up and say we’ve had enough!

In February, The Chicago Tribune ran an article how the cameras were looking lucrative for the city. Where exactly is all this “lucrativeness” going” Are Chicagoans going to see any of this or see a lower tax bill?

Here is what the Chicago Tribune reported on the speeding ticket cameras:

“Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s new stricter speed camera rules start Monday and, if the early warnings are any indication, they’re looking expensive for Chicago drivers.

As the city prepares to start ticketing drivers in Chicago going as little as 6 mph over the posted speed limit, warnings mailed to people caught exceeding the new threshold show the change promises to be hugely lucrative for the city and a significant burden for residents already struggling to pay fines.

In the first week of the grace period that started in January, 52,498 warning notices were sent out, according to the Finance Department. The notices were intended to get people used to the fact they’re going to receive $35 tickets for being caught by any of more than 100 speed cameras around the city going from 6 to 9 mph too fast, according to the Finance Department.

Over a full year, such numbers would work out to over 2.7 million $35 tickets, with total revenue to the city of $95.5 million.

Under existing rules, cars caught by a camera going 10 mph over the limit get a $35 ticket, while those traveling 11 mph and up above the posted speed get tagged for a $100 fine.

Lightfoot has defended the change, which she included in her 2021 budget at a time she was looking for ways to close a $1.2 billion deficit, saying it’s a question of safety.

Critics have pointed out Lightfoot ran for mayor on a pledge to reduce the load of oppressive city fees, and questioned whether there’s a better way to make streets safer.

“One thing that came up when this was being discussed was that adjustments could be made to the cameras to do a better job of catching people who are breaking the law as it’s now set, rather than lowering the speed, changing the parameters,” North Side Ald. Maria Hadden, 49th, said when told of the number of warnings issued.

During debate over the proposed change last fall, Hadden said she worried the city was “nickeling and diming” Chicago drivers, and wondered whether it made more sense to do more enforcement on Lake Shore Drive.

The city will just keep nickel and diming us until we have no more nickels to give. Then, what will Chicago do to keep feeding the Democrat machine?

We are currently witnessing this with our Governor, who cozies up to the Biden regime to get more and more aid to our state. Yet, Illinois still has massive amounts of debt. Wouldn’t it be more prudent to balance our checkbook before taking on further debts?

The only way to challenge the Democrat machine in Chicago is by fixing our election system. Then, voting our RINOs who pretend to be Conservatives, like Adam Kinzinger. He recently made a statement in the NY Times Magazine about “the big lie”. Any conservative who doesn’t support free and fair elections needs to be GONE. We the people have had enough of the lies and deserve truth and transparency, in our elections and politicians.